No Man’s Sky Adds a Whole Dang Audio Production Suite for the Holidays

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Hello Games is letting you celebrate the season with some chiptune cheer. Founder Sean Murray announced today via Twitter that No Man’s Sky is adding a full audio application to No Man’s Sky, letting you build your own beats for your space-y creations.

And when Murray says “full audio application,” he really means it. The production suite coming to No Man’s Sky is bafflingly large. There is a sequencer, waveform editor, drum machine, synchronizer, and tons of knobs to twist and dial to create tunes. No Man’s Sky essentially added a music production sweet.

The device, called the ByteBeat, arrives today for No Man’s Sky players everywhere. Murray and the team go deeper into detail on the No Man’s Sky blog, detailing all the possibilities with the ByteBeat.

“Players who want to dive deep into the maths behind the waveform can use the Advanced Waveform UI to fine tune the mathematical operators at the heart of their sound,” the blog says. “Or simply randomise the function and generate an entirely new sound!”

Besides manually sketching out sequences and manipulating raw sounds, the ByteBeat can also integrate directly into your existing base. There will be a cable that will let you hook up the ByteBeat to various parts of your base and even sync it with lights and other ByteBeats. Finally, my dreams of a No Man’s Sky discoteque are achievable.

No Man’s Sky has been one of the greatest redemption stories in games, gradually evolving over the years into something absolutely incredible. The ByteBeat will be a handy addition for players who are already role-playing and developing their own themed bases, and I’m sure other sections of its extremely dedicated fanbase will find clever new uses for the musical machine as well. Even now, I’m tempted to boot it back up and start fiddling with waveforms and drum tracks. My base will be so much cooler with an 808.

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