No Man’s Sky Will Finally Let You Upgrade Your Favorite Starships

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With each named update to No Man’s Sky, Hello Games makes a compelling case for diving back into its persistent, procedurally generated universe. While the Synthesis update (due out on November 28) isn’t a reinvention on the level of the Next or Beyond updates, it’ll make No Man’s Sky’s space-faring, resource-refining, and stuff-hauling loops a lot slicker.

Chief amongst the improvements coming in the Synthesis update is the new starship upgrading system. Since No Man’s Sky launched in 2016, the main way to improve your personal starship has been to simply buy a new one off an NPC—now, you’ll be able to purchase new inventory slots and even upgrade the class of your vessel at any space station. Instead of waiting around for a ship that both catches your eye and has trunk space to spare, you can just keep tweaking your trusty ride. You’ll also get the option to salvage ships you don’t want for valuable resources.

Speaking of inventory and resources, Hello Games is introducing quality of life improvements to the inventory UI, increasing the space inside storage containers, and adding a personal refiner upgrade for players’ suits. Combined, these changes should mean less time worrying over your lockers and portable refineries full of space junk and more time for exploration, milking aliens, running space restaurants—whatever your heart desires.

Synthesis will also add a host of fixes and changes that’ll appeal more to the dedicated No Man’s Sky players out there, such as custom outfits, VR tweaks, terrain and base editing changes, and swappable multitools. On top of everything else, Pulse Drives are getting a speed boost, meaning your snazzy, storage-endowed starships will also waste less time getting you from Planet A to Planet B.

Like the major updates before it, Synthesis is coming to all No Man’s Sky players on PS4, PC, and Xbox One for free. If you plan on using the Thanksgiving weekend to get started with No Man’s Sky, or if you’re a returning player who needs a primer on this summer’s Beyond update, check out USG’s guide section for helpful tips and tutorials.

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