Noctis Reminds Us That Final Fantasy Versus 13 Was a Thing With New Dissidia Costume

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Square Enix occasionally makes interesting choices when it celebrates its history, and the upcoming update for the fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a good example. Noctis mains will soon be able to dress up the young prince in an outfit that dates back to his prototype design when Final Fantasy 15 was still Final Fantasy Versus 13.

Square Enix revealed the outfit earlier today through a YouTube video. We get a good look at the get-up Noctis was originally dressed in, and it’s vintage Tetsuya Nomura. (I mean that in the most affectionate way possible.) Noctis’ collar is way too high, and his pant cuffs are likewise jacked up to reveal a few inches of skin between his knees and the bottoms of his shins. It looks like someone gave Noctis a wedgie, but they hitched up his entire outfit instead of just his underwear.

Noctis is also outfitted in boots he clearly stole from a goth Ronald McDonald. I think they’re cute though because he wraps his too-long laces around the boot before tying them in a bow, and that’s something I used to do when I was in grade one. Also, Noct: You should always double knot. Those are going to come undone the second the fight starts, and you’re going to trip and break your face.

Final Fantasy Versus 13 was part of a trio of Final Fantasy 13 games revealed in 2006. Development on Versus 13 lapsed into radio silence until it re-emerged as Final Fantasy 15 in 2014 and released in 2016. It’s a divisive game. Some of us like it. Some of us hate it.

You can play Dissidia NT on the PlayStation 4 and Steam—and in arcades if you make a trip down to Japan.

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