Now YouTube’s buying exclusive streamers, starting with CouRageJD

After a few high-profile streamers made the jump from Twitch to Mixer, now it seems YouTube is getting into the exclusivity action, too. Jack ‘CourageJD’ Dunlop, content creator for 100 Thieves, has announced that he’ll soon be streaming exclusively on YouTube Gaming, and reports suggest he’s just one of many streamers who’s been in negotiations for an exclusive platform deal.

CouRage made the announcement just as Shroud, Ninja, and King Gothalion detailed their moves to Mixer – with an announcement video posted to social media. CouRage will remain with 100 Thieves, and all plans seem to generally be the same – he’ll just be on YouTube Gaming instead of Twitch, starting with a debut stream on November 5.

The agency Loaded represents CouRage, as well as Ninja, Shroud, timthetatman, LIRIK, Summit1g, and others. Journalist Rod Breslau reports that “nearly all of Loaded’s clients are in current negotiations with other streamer platforms, most of them with Mixer, or have already signed deals to stay at Twitch.”

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