Nutaku’s My Naughty Tales Lets You Make Your Own Stories

Nutaku has launched a new premium adult game called My Naughty Tales and it’s been released at a price that won’t hurt the wallet too much. This brand-new creation from Hentai Nation Games has players exploring a titillating visual novel story with 3D girls, but that’s not the best part by far.

In My Naughty Tales, the main story has you taking on the role of a very lucky dude named Bill. Bill had some wild times in college, meeting up for some romantic rendezvous with a heck of a lot of hot women. You’ll be able to experience the University Life visual novel right from jump, but the real juicy bits of the game lie in the creation tools that will let you make your own story.

Nutaku My Naughty Tales puzzle
Players can make slide puzzles out of any image, although the game itself won’t have the censorship we’ve implemented here.

My Naughty Tales Lets You Make Your Own Fun

Included with the University Life scenario is a story editor, a tool that will let you make your own new scenarios. These can have entire story arcs, built-in challenges, dialogue, and customized scenes featuring any number of the girls packed in with the game.

Once you’ve made your own custom story, you can share it online with other players to download if you’d like. Of course, you can also grab the stories that other players have decided to share, making for a somewhat lewder version of the Steam workshop in a sense.

Lastly (and perhaps most importantly), My Naughty Tales can be played entirely with one hand and also has an emergency shutdown button for self-evident reasons. It’s certainly a nice touch to say the least.

If My Naughty Tales sounds like your kind of jam, you can buy it on Nutaku right now [NSFW] at the price of $4.99/499 Nutaku Coins or your regional equivalent.

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What do you think of My Naughty Tales? Do you prefer games where you can create your own content or would you rather have more of a ready-made experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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