Occupy White Walls Can Occupy Your Time

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There’s plenty of video games devoted to building things on a grand scale. RTSes have you building armies, Minecraft wants you to craft an entire world, while Sim City needs you to make the next New York City. Even The Sims wants you to create entire families and houses in neighborhoods. However, not many games go small scale. In comes Occupy White Walls, a free online game about building your own art museum, then visiting other people’s museums and looking like you’re thinking.

First things first, Occupy White Walls is a free to play MMO in early access. There are no microtransactions currently, but the developer states on its Steam page that they will eventually add in “fair to play” microtransactions. What will they consist of? There’s no way to tell at the current time, but most likely cosmetics and things to buy for your museum to make it just a little more unique.

occupy white walls buy shit

Will do lady. Will do.

Once you begin the game you get to go through a tutorial that explains the basics and lets you look around a pre-built museum. If you see a piece of art you like then you can select it, giving you information about its history, artist, and more. In addition, you can leave comments on the art, letting any other players know about your thoughts on a piece of art. Ever wanted to call the Mona Lisa the Moaning Ligma? First, why, and second, you can. Going out and seeing art is important, as you can buy the art for use in your own museum using the in-game currency.

Once you’re ready you can head off to your own homeworld to get building. At first, the space you have is rather small, but you can usually squeeze out a personal gallery with a few rooms in it. Placing walls and doors is easy. Before long, I had a simple two-story gallery devoted to pictures of dogs. How do I find pictures of dogs? Well, the game centers on AI called Daisy that suggests which pictures to buy next based on the ones you’ve already collected. Does it work well? Ehhh… I saw some interesting pictures by using Daisy, but it never caught on that I specifically wanted pictures of dogs. I always got random images, with maybe a dog thrown in every 20 or so suggestions.

occupy white walls artworks

I’m a big fan of artworks.

Like many games in a similar style, Occupy White Walls is purely relaxing. A nice low-fi soundtrack really helps me get into the mood. This is another game where I spend more time sitting back and just appreciating my own creations while winding down from a long day. You can invite NPCs into your gallery, and they’ll leave you money that you can spend on more art, space to build, walls, and the works. You can also visit other people’s galleries, which was always impressive since it seems like the entire world is more creative than I am.

If you’re one of those creative people, then Occupy White Walls is for you. There’s always something appealing about actually creating a living space, and centering it around art only seems to fit the theme even better. It helps that you can also grab it for free. So jump in, appreciate art, build something, and stop reading those dumb comments I left on pictures.

TechRaptor covered Occupy White Walls on PC via Steam Early Access using a copy freely downloaded by the player.

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