Official Stadia Controller CLAW is still not available, might be soon

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If you were a part of the proud individuals who began your journey with Google Stadia last month, you were likely bummed by the fact that Google didn’t have the official controller accessory available from day one. This accessory allows you to clip your Google Pixel phone onto the official Google Stadia controller and is designed to make Stadia gaming from your smartphone a concise and comfortable experience.

Despite Stadia’s launch nearly one month ago now, the official Power Support CLAW is still not available, although manufacturer Power Support says it should be available on the Google Store as early as mid-December. Given that it’s currently mid-December right now, that means the ‘Coming Soon’ button on the Google Store listing should be changing to a ‘Buy Now’ button any day now. It has been four days since the post though, so there’s no telling.

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What advantages does the Power Support CLAW bring over other phone clips for controllers? First up, it’s designed specifically for the Google Stadia controller and is a part of the Made for Google program. That means unmistakable compatibility with your Stadia controller and Pixel phone, while other clips might not be sized quite right for the combination of hardware. The CLAW rigidly holds your phone right above the controller, putting it in a convenient and stable place for playing.

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For now, you’ll still have to use a USB Type-C cable to connect your controller to your phone, as Google hasn’t rolled out wireless support for phones playing Stadia just yet. If you want to use the Stadia controller wirelessly, you’ll have to play on your TV using a Chromecast Ultra.

That’s a shame too because, as noted in our review of Google Stadia, the controller is easily one of the best controllers in the history of gaming. Plus, given the deep integration with Stadia’s cloud-based back-end, you’ll probably have the best experience if you use a Stadia controller anyway. If you’d rather use another mount or another controller entirely, we’ve got great instructions on how to use a DualShock 4 controller with Stadia and how to use an Xbox One controller with Stadia.

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Power Support CLAW for Stadia controller

Cloud gaming on your phone

The easiest way to play Google Stadia portably is via your Google Pixel phone, so why not get a mount that’ll clip your phone right to your controller? Designed specifically for the Stadia controller, the Power Support CLAW is the only official controller mount designed to fit your Pixel phone.

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