Okami Sequel Teased By Noted Twitter Troll Hideki Kamiya

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Former Tango Gameworks developer Ikumi Nakamura appeared in a Twitter video today with PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya. The two are teasing something in the works for the beloved Okami, but you really shouldn’t get your hopes too high.

Nakamura has been on a tour of various game development studios since leaving the Ghost:Wire Tokyo studio earlier this year. Today, she stopped in at PlatinumGames, where she previously worked, and posted a video with director Hideki Kamiya. In it, the two tease an Okami sequel, which has fans’ expectations understandably high.

This would be exciting if Kamiya wasn’t particularly well-known for posting fake-outs and “trolling” users on Twitter. In the past he’s admitted to teasing fans asking for news about his games with a guarantee of “one week”. He’s also teased Bayonetta in Mortal Kombat, and held Bayonetta 3 hostage over the Nintendo Switch virtual console. Even the tweet itself is speculative, reading more like a plea to the forces that be at Capcom than any suggestion of actual development.

Would an Okami sequel be incredible to see? Absolutely, 100% yes. But in the age of Twitter and trolling, I’m going to wait for something a little more solid before I start believing in one.

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