One Piece: Pirate Warriors Four Trafalagar Legislation, Sabo, and Rob Lucci Trailers

Bandai Namco have launched new trailers for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4exhibiting gameplay of Trafalagar Legislation, Sabo, and Rob Lucci.

Trafalagar Legislation is greatest recognized for his ROOM talent from his Op-Op satan fruit, permitting him to swap the location of objects- together with limbs. Sabo in the meantime is the Revolutionary Military Common Chief of Workers, and was surprisingly revealed to be Luffy and Ace’s brother.

Basic One Piece followers will acknowledge Rob Lucci from the Water 7 and Enies Foyer arcs. Whereas initially working with the World Goverment undercover agent group CP9, he later turned a member of CP-0. He additionally appeared within the films One Piece Movie: Gold and One Piece: Stampede.

You will discover the complete run down on every character (by way of the official web site [1, 2, 3]), and all of the trailers under:

Captain of the Coronary heart Pirates, a physician. Also called the “Surgeon of Loss of life.” An influence person who ate the Op-Op Fruit, he can create a spherical area inside which he can then transfer objects or components of our bodies round, and even reattach them otherwise. He can even simply swap individuals’s minds round.


Motion sort:Approach

Legislation can use the ROOM talent he gained from the Op-Op fruit to dish out space assaults reaching even enemies who’re properly away!

The Revolutionary Military Common Chief of Workers. Luffy and Ace’s brother. Born as a noble of the Kingdom of Goa, he got here to hate its corrupt aristocratic society and set out for the excessive seas. He’s a Haki person, and his weapon is his beloved iron pipe that he has been utilizing since childhood, in addition to a powerful grip method that he calls the Dragon’s Claw. He inherited Ace’s Flame-Flame Fruit energy.


Motion sort:Pace

Sabo wields the flame energy of the Flame-Flame Fruit and the Dragon Claw Fist method utilizing his Haki. Versatile, he has a variety of methods to deal with completely different conditions, equivalent to a wide-range assault with a stream of burning flames, or a concentrated assault with a flowing collection of martial arts strikes.

An intelligence officer of a clandestine World Authorities group known as “CP9.” He pretended to be a peg/nail foreman on the Galley-La Firm as a way to seek for the blueprints to the Historic Weapon “Pluton.” He can use the just about superhuman “Six Powers” and the Satan Fruit energy, having eaten the Cat-Cat Fruit Leopard Mannequin. He possesses the best fight skills for a CP9 agent, and is called a chilly “killing machine”.


Motion sort:Sky

Lucci wields the ability of the Cat-Cat Fruit to remodel right into a leopard. He fights at his greatest when switching between a sooner human kind and a high-powered human-monster kind with a wider vary. He can even use the “Geppo” Six Powers transfer to maneuver by means of the air.

In case you missed it, you too can see the Straw Hat Pirates in action, along-side Marines Smoker and Tashigi.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 launches March 26th in Japan, and March 27th within the US and Europe for Home windows PC, Nintendo Swap, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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