OnePlus 7 Pro: Everything you need to know!

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Source: Andrew Martonik / Android Central

Ever since it debuted with the OnePlus One in 2014, OnePlus’s mission in this industry has been to create flagship smartphones without flagship pricing. OnePlus phones get better and better with each year that passes, but this also always results in a price hike of around $20.

In May 2019, the OnePlus 7 Pro was released to the masses with a lot of fanfare. It will go down in history as one of the most premium phones OnePlus has ever created, and while it isn’t the company’s latest handset these days, it’s still more than worth talking about.

From specs, impressions, cases, and more, here’s everything you could possibly need to know about the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Never settle

OnePlus 7 Pro

A fully-featured flagship for not much money

The OnePlus 7 Pro was OnePlus’s first big flagship for 2019, and it’s still something special. The pop-up selfie camera allows for a display without any bezels or notches, there are three cameras on the back, and blazing fast performance with great software. All of that, and it costs hundreds of dollars less than some competing flagships.

Read and watch our full review

First thing’s first, make sure to check out our full review of the OnePlus 7 Pro.

If you want a premium Android phone without breaking the bank, the OnePlus 7 Pro is one of the best options out there. There’s a lot on offer, including a downright stunning design, incredible display, improved fingerprint sensor, and so much more.

The phone does stumble a bit with its bulky nature and subpar wide-angle and telephoto cameras, but overall, this is a fantastic user experience that we think you’ll really, really like.

Here are the specs

Every year without skipping a beat, OnePlus outfits its phones with the latest and greatest specs it can get its hands on. That’s no different with the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Some of the highlights include a Snapdragon 855 for the processor, up to 12GB of RAM, and a 4,000 mAh battery.

Category OnePlus 7 Pro
Operating System Android 10
Display 6.67-inch
3120 x 1440 (516 ppi)
19.5:9 — 90Hz
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
Up to 2.84GHz
RAM 6/8/12GB
Storage 128/256GB
UFS 3.0 2-LANE
Battery 4,000 mAh
Warp Charge 30
30W fast charging

For the complete spec list, check out the link below 👇

OnePlus 7 Pro Specifications

How does it compare to other flagships?

Source: Android Central

As great as the OnePlus 7 Pro has proven to be, it’s far from existing in a bubble. There are plenty of other phones out there eager to challenge it, so we’ve done the hard work of putting it head-to-head with some of its stiffest competition.

The Galaxy S10 and Pixel 4 XL are the obvious comparisons for the OnePlus 7 Pro, and even OnePlus’s own OnePlus 7T.

Here are all of our latest comparisons:

Should you upgrade to the OnePlus 7 Pro from an older OnePlus phone?

Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central

The OnePlus 7 Pro is going up against a lot of great handsets from other manufacturers, but it’s also got a lot to live up to thanks to the great legacies of its predecessors.

OnePlus consistently makes great phones year after year, meaning if you already have an existing OnePlus handset, you might be unsure if the 7 Pro is worth upgrading to.

Here’s some advice to help you make the best decision.

The display is almost completely bezel-less

Source: Android Central

As you can see from the picture above, the display on the OnePlus 7 Pro is quite impressive. It measures in at 6.67-inches and uses a vibrant AMOLED display. OnePlus phones typically use a 1080 Full HD resolution, but on the 7 Pro, OnePlus stepped things up to a crispy 3120 x 1440.

Surrounding that display is…hardly anything. Save for a teeny tiny chin at the bottom, there are virtually no bezels at all on this phone. There isn’t even a notch!

Something you can’t see in this picture, but perhaps even more impressive, is the 90Hz refresh rate. Most phone screens have a refresh rate of 60Hz, meaning that everything on the OnePlus 7 Pro moves faster and more fluid than just about anything else.

And, hidden below the incredible display, is the phone’s in-screen fingerprint sensor (that’s actually really good).

OnePlus 7 Pro fingerprint sensor problems? Here’s how to fix it

Source: Android Central

Hold on a second. If the OnePlus 7 Pro doesn’t have any bezels or a notch, where did the front-facing camera go? It pops up out of the top frame!

The camera does this using a motorized system, and while that does sound like a super fragile component waiting to break at any moment, OnePlus has reassured us that it designed this to be incredibly durable.

In fact, if you have the selfie camera out and accidentally drop the 7 Pro, the camera will retract itself back inside the phone’s body to keep itself safe. That’s pretty cool.

You’ll find three rear cameras

Source: Android Central

Speaking of cameras, you’ll find three of them on the back of the OnePlus 7 Pro. Here’s what they consist of:

  • Main camera: 16MP | f/1.6 aperture | OIS | EIS
  • Telephoto camera: 8MP | f/2.4 aperture | 3x zoom | OIS
  • Ultra-wide angle camera: 16MP | f/2.2 aperture | 117° field of view

This was the first OnePlus phone to use three rear cameras, allowing for a lot of flexibility with the kinds of pictures you can capture.

OnePlus 7 Pro camera update improvements are real, but they’re not spectacular

OnePlus created some beautiful colors

>Source: Joe Maring / Android Central

The overall design of the OnePlus 7 Pro is impressive enough on its own, but OnePlus takes it a step further with three gorgeous colors.

Nebula Blue and Mirror Gray were available right at launch, and on June 11, OnePlus released its stunning Almond colorway. However, since stock for the 7 Pro has diminished all these months after its initial release, OnePlus is currently selling just the Mirror Gray variant.

There’s also a regular OnePlus 7 in some markets

Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central

While the OnePlus 7 Pro was the only option is the 7 series that launched in the United States and Canada, there was actually a second phone that’s available in other countries — the regular OnePlus 7.

The non-Pro OnePlus 7 is essentially a repackaging of 2018’s OnePlus 6T with some of the 7 Pro’s new specs. There’s no pop-up selfie camera, the display has a waterdrop notch, and there are two rear cameras instead of three.

Internally, you’ll find the Snapdragon 855, 6 or 6GB of RAM, 128 or 256GB of the new UFS 3.0 storage, and a 3,700 mAh battery. It’s an odd mishmash of the 6T and 7 Pro, but price-wise, it’s considerablly cheaper.

You need to get a case for this phone

If you plan on getting the OnePlus 7 Pro, getting a case for it is a necessity. The phone is incredibly slippery and sometimes difficult to hold, but thankfully, there are already a lot of great cases to choose from.

Once you get a case or two picked out, you’ll want to also check out some accessories to take your experience to the next level.

You can buy it now

Source: Andrew Martonik / Android Central

If you’re interested, the OnePlus 7 Pro is available for purchase right now .

Three models of the phone were available at launch, but as of late-2019, there’s just two to choose from — 6GB RAM + 128GB storage and 8GB RAM + 256GB storage. The prices have been lowered significantly, with the former selling for $499 (normally $669) and the latter costing $549 (normally $699).

Also, as mentioned above, Mirror Gray is the only color that the OnePlus 7 Pro is now available in. With it being so late in the phone’s life cycle, it’s unlikely that the other colors will officially be offered again.

Never settle

OnePlus 7 Pro

A fully-featured flagship for not much money

The OnePlus 7 Pro was OnePlus’s first big flagship for 2019, and it’s still something special. The pop-up selfie camera allows for a display without any bezels or notches, there are three cameras on the back, and blazing fast performance with great software. All of that, and it costs hundreds of dollars less than some competing flagships.

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