Outlanders Update for Dota 2 brings two new heroes, overhauled gameplay

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The Outlanders Update for Dota 2 has rolled out, and it’s giving players a lot to think about. While the two new heroes are the most prominent addition, there’s so many gameplay tweaks the entire complexion of the game has been altered.

Let’s start with the new members of the roster: Snapfire and Void Spirit. Snapfire – full name Beatrix Snapfire – is an older lady who rides into battle on Mortimer, her dragon toad, and mows through enemies using homemade artillery. Not one to be left out, Mortimer has his fire globs should Beatrix’s guns fail her.

Then there’s Void Spirit, the eldest of the Dota 2’s spirit brethren. Able to move in and out of the mortal plane, with the powers of the aether at his command for protection, Void Spirit is touted as something of an unpredictable hero on the battlefield. Typically letting servants do his bidding, he watches the universe from an unseen vantage point, only emerging from his Hidden Temple when he so chooses. Bit of a recluse, then.

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