Over 4000 Games Are Already Compatible With Steam’s Upcoming Online “Local” Co-Op Feature

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Valve’s new Remote Play Together feature, which is set to let players engage in normally local-only multiplayer games online, debuts next week. It looks like a number of games are already taking advantage of the service, however, as tags have appeared on over 4,000 games on Steam designating them as Remote Play Together-compatible.

While Steam has had Remote Play functionality with hardware like the Steam Link for a while, the objective of Remote Play Together is to bring games that have only managed local multiplayer onto the Internet. Supergiant Games’ Greg Kasavin noted how exciting this was for developers who weren’t able to initially put online play into their games, like Pyre.

Pyre is one of the games listed under Remote Play Together on Steam’s storefront, among many other popular games. Over 4000 games have opted in at the time of writing, and the beta hasn’t even started yet-it’s set to launch the week of Oct. 21, a handful of days from now.

While some of the games opted in already include online play anyways, like Tekken 7 or Rocket League, others are pretty great choices. River City Girls, Overcooked 2, Cuphead, Uno, Monster Prom, and Gang Beasts are just a few of the standouts that seem like they will make good use of the feature, especially because many of them only had local multiplayer. Finally, I’ll have a Kyoko to my Misako.

This is another step in Valve’s ongoing efforst to overhaul the Steam storefront, from a visual rework of your Steam library to several Steam Labs features designed to make sifting through the daily wave of new releases easier. If the result of the PC launcher wars is everyone stepping their game up with features like this, I can get on board.

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