Pac-Man Party Royale Coming Out This Year

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Have you ever wanted a chance to prove to your friends that you’re the best at Pac-Man? But you can’t just play a normal game of Pac-Man, you need to actually eat your friends? Well good news, Pac-Man Party Royale is coming out this year and will give you a chance to do so.

The game is pretty simple. Four players drop into a maze and play a normal game of Pac-Man. All they need to do is go around the maze and eat dots, just like they’d expect. However, like Pac-Man, there are power pellets for them to grab around the maze, and eating one lets you eat ghosts. Of course, you can also eat other players, and if you eat them all and are the last one standing then you’ll find yourself crowned as king of the Pacs.

However, this time around the ghosts isn’t played by the computer. When a player gets eaten they’re turned into a ghost. This serves as a revenge mechanic, and if a ghost player manages to catch another player, they’ll be revived and brought back into the game, giving them another shot at the crown. However, you have to move fast. The ever so infamous 256-glitch shows up in Pac-Man Party Royale as well, serving as a way to close the maze down and keep all the players closer together. Don’t win the game, and it’ll glitch you all out.

In addition to all this, Bandai Namco has promised they’ll be adding more mazes and game modes to the game for free after it comes out.

Pac-Man Party Royale is due to come out in Q4 2019 exclusively on Apple Arcade.

Are you interested in Pac-Man Party Royale? Planning to make an excuse to eat your friends? When you order a pizza do you eat one slice and then spend a few moments realizing you just created a Pac-Man all by yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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