Panzer Dragoon: Remake Will Fly High on Switch and PC Come Winter

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Earlier this year, we got our first look at Forever Entertainment’s spruced-up Panzer Dragoon: Remake during the E3 Nintendo Direct. Now, Forever has confirmed that it’s bringing its take on the Sega Saturn classic to the PC, too. Panzer Dragoon: Remake is slated to launch for both the Nintendo Switch and on Steam this winter.

Forever Entertainment announced the PC release on Twitter this morning. Earlier this week, Forever also promised that Panzer Dragoon: Remake will get a physical release, with more details coming soon.

Nintendo’s eShop listing for the Switch version of Panzer Dragoon: Remake also pegs this winter as its release window. Prior to today, we’d only seen the remake advertised for the Switch. Forever Entertainment and Sega Holdings have yet to confirm whether Panzer Dragoon: Remake is coming to other platforms.

We first caught wind of Forever’s remakes of both Panzer Dragoon and 1996’s Panzer Dragoon 2: Zwei late last year. Earlier this month, Forever confirmed it’s also going to remake another pair of Sega classics: The House of the Dead and The House of the Dead 2. (As for whether we’ll see Typing of the Dead, we’ll just have to wait and see.)

At GDC 2019, USgamer talked with Panzer Dragoon series creator Yukio Futatsugi and art director Kentaro Yoshida about the lasting impact of the Panzer Dragoon series as a whole. There’s some especially great stuff about the super-rare Panzer Dragoon Saga in the interview; here’s hoping Panzer Dragoon: Remake’s physical release is a little bit easier for collectors to get a hold of.

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