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Persona 3 Moveable College Solutions: All Examination & Take a look at Options

Having the Persona 3 Moveable Solutions handy as you play via this series-defining entry within the Persona collection could make your life so much simpler – and we’re right here to assist, with an entire checklist of the P3P college class solutions, together with the examination solutions for each check.

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You possibly can consider Persona 3 because the entry within the collection that helped to outline and set the template that later Persona titles would use. That features having the characters periodically attend class, having the participant supply up college check solutions – and getting these solutions proper carries a couple of rewards that you simply’ll wish to nab.

This web page gives up the entire Persona 3 Moveable college solutions and check options, and pairs properly with our Persona 3 Moveable Social Hyperlink information, which options all of the solutions for every of the sport’s main relationships. In the meantime, nonetheless, right here’s the college solutions:

Persona 3 Moveable College Solutions: Options for each Pop Quiz Query & Examination

As is series tradition, there's a whole set of Persona 3 Portable School Answers you'll need to ace every class quiz and exam - and we've got 'em all.

In case you’ve performed the later Persona video games and are returning to Persona 3 Moveable with the brand new remaster, the way in which college works will probably be acquainted: because the story winds on, once in a while a trainer will ask you a query in school – or Junpei will want your assist. Realizing the Persona 3 Moveable solutions will allow you to get each query proper. 

There’s no penalty for getting these college questions incorrect, however there are rewards for getting them proper. Particularly, every query answered appropriately will impress your classmates, in flip elevating your Allure social stat.

As well as, you’ll generally be promised a reward from Mitsuru for doing properly in your exams. Examination outcomes are decided by two components: a number of questions you manually reply, and a stat test towards your Lecturers social stat. 

Whereas this information is particularly written for Persona 3 Moveable, the college solutions are largely the identical for each model of the sport, which means this can work for the vanilla recreation and Persona 3 FES, too.

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Ended up on the incorrect recreation? Do not panic! We even have the check solutions for the opposite Persona video games: hit the hyperlink for the Persona 4 Golden College Solutions, Persona 5 Royal College Solutions, and even the vanilla Persona 5 Take a look at Options.

April & Might College Solutions in Persona 3 Moveable

Many of the earliest Persona 3 Portable School Questions and Exam Tests are actually pretty easy - but later ones do get harder.
  • 4/8 – Who did I say was my favourite creator?
    • Utsubo Kubota (2nd choice)
  • 4/18 – What was the fashion of homes within the Jomon interval referred to as?
  • 4/27 – Have you learnt when the numbers had been invented?
    • 6000 years in the past (2nd choice)
  • 5/6 – What do you name water with out a lot calcium and magnesium?
  • 5/13 – How briskly would you say the Earth rotates close to the equator?
  • 5/15 – One of many gadgets on the menu for the household is “pan.” How would you translate this to English?

Persona 3 Moveable Might Midterm Examination Solutions

If you do well in your midterm and finals exams in Persona 3 Portable, it'll lead to more popularity at school.

In addition to the check solutions you give, your ultimate grade for these midterm exams is decided partially by an Lecturers stat ‘speech test’. You’ll want Rank 3 (Above Common) Lecturers stat to ace this examination. 

  • 5/19 – How would you translate “pan” in English?
  • 5/20 – How briskly does the Earth rotate close to the equator?
    • Quicker than sound (1st choice)
  • 5/21 – What is the title for water excessive in calcium and magnesium?
  • 5/22 – The place is the Kitora Tomb positioned?

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June & July College Solutions in Persona 3 Moveable

The school questions and exam tests are set by different teachers on a range of different topics, but Persona 3 gives you the answers to all of them if you pay attention. If not, there's this guide!
  • 6/15 – Fill within the clean with the suitable conjunction: “It rained all final week, _____ it will rain once more as we speak.”
  • 6/17 – What shaped the origins of magic?
  • 6/22 – Which of those is NOT often known as a “devilfish”?
  • 6/25 – Which type of pure magic was used to search for water sources?
  • 6/29 – Which means does the swirl go within the northern hemisphere?
    • It may well go both means. (third choice)
  • 7/3 – However there’s one factor you may not learn about Murasaki Shikibu, and that’s the way in which through which her achievement is acknowledged worldwide. Does anybody know? Junpei? 
    • The World Heritage Pavilion (2nd choice)
  • 7/8 – Which of those phrases isn’t right?
    • “I failed, It is over now.” (2nd choice)
  • 7/9 – What legislation served as a basis for the event of feudalism?
    • The Kondan Einen Shizaihou (2nd choice)
  • 7/10 – What’s the mystical examine of Jewish texts?
  • 7/11 – What title did Taira No Masakado declare for himself?
    • Imperial Prince (2nd choice)

Persona 3 Moveable July Finals Examination Solutions

The threat of exams always looms large in Persona 3 Portable, but with our quiz answers, you don't need to stress.

To get high marks on the July Finals, you’ll must get your Persona 3 Moveable Lecturers stat as much as Rank 4 (Sensible) for the stat test on the finish, and get these questions proper:

  • 7/14 – What type of pure magic was used to search out water sources?
  • 7/15  – Some Europeans name this creature “devilfish” and refuse to eat it.
  • 7/16 – Who established the Kamakura shogunate?
    • Minamoto no Yoritomo (2nd choice)
  • 7/17 – Which is an instance of a comma splice?
    • “I went, I realized.” (1st choice)

September & October College Solutions in Persona 3 Moveable

  • 9/1 – What do you name the phenomenon when electrical resistance is zero?
    • Superconductivity (1st choice)
  • 9/10 – Etiquette calls for that we are saying a selected phrase each earlier than we eat, and after we eat. What do we are saying after we eat?
    • Gochisou-sama (third choice)
  • 9/11 – Which e book helped additional the artwork of magic through the Renaissance?
    • The Hermetica (third choice)
  • 9/14 – Which of those is NOT one among Japan’s prohibitions on nuclear weapons?
    • Cannot let others produce. (2nd choice)
  • 9/26 – What’s the title for the 4 holy numbers in numerology as a collective?
    • The Tetractys (third choice)

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  • 10/7 – Have you learnt why a matador’s capote is crimson?
    • To excite the viewers (1st choice)

Persona 3 Moveable: October Midterm Examination Solutions

You'll face a barrage of questions all term, so you want to be ready for them.

One other examination means one other stat/speech test. This time, you’ll want to present the entire examination solutions under and still have an Lecturers rank of 5 (Clever) or larger to get high marks.

  • 10/13 – What’s the primary supply of stress for girls?
  • 10/14 – Who based numerology?
    • Moses (1st choice)*
    • *THIS OPTION IS INCORRECT. The true reply is Pythagoras (third choice), however Persona 3 Moveable has an error and solely offers you credit score for saying Moses.
  • 10/15 – What’s superconductivity?
    • Zero Electrical Resistance (2nd choice)
  • 10/16 – The Ohnin Warfare was one among two incidents that triggered the Sengoku period. Which was the opposite?
    • Coup of Meiou (third choice)
  • 10/19 – What number of complete calendar patterns are there?
  • 10/22 – Natto comes from soybeans, too, however how is it made?
    • By fermenting them (2nd choice) 
  • 10/23  – Who was the founding father of Theosophy, which gave rise to many magical societies?
    • Madam Blavatsky (2nd choice) 
  • 10/26 – However which one among this stuff is NOT Arabic?
    • Wristwatches (third choice) 
  • 10/29 – One kind of enzyme’s operate is to interrupt lactic acid into glucose and galactose – what’s that enzyme referred to as?

November & December College Solutions in Persona 3 Moveable

  • 11/12 – What’s the historic Indian magical textual content that I discussed as we speak?
    • The Upanishads (1st choice)
  • 11/30 – They used white make-up, plucked their eyebrows in favor of drawn-on ones, and coloured their tooth with limonite. However do you suppose the boys did this stuff?
    • They did each (third choice)
  • 12/7 – Which allotrope is shaped by three oxygen atoms?
  • 12/11 – These can journey up lots of people. “-s,” “-es,” and “-ies” are the most typical varieties. Bought it? Nonetheless, there are some irregular plural varieties too. Have you learnt which of the next is right? 

Persona 3 Moveable: December Finals Examination Solutions

December marks the Final exams in Persona 3; the final finals. Here's the answers to get them correct.

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Right here’s the ultimate examination finals, and also you’ll as soon as once more must depend on each these solutions and your Educational social stat. You’ll must be rank 6, the max, in Lecturers (Genius) with a view to be high of the category this time.

  • 12/14 – What yr did the Battle of Dan-no-ura start?
  • 12/15 – Which factor is present in ozone?
  • 12/16 – Which rule pertains to Lorentz Drive?
    • Left-hand Rule (1st choice)
  • Translate the next: “Fuyu wa tsutomete.”
    • Winter mornings are nice (third choice) 
  • 12/18 – Which plural is shaped appropriately?
  • 12/21 – What sorcery was Himiko mentioned to have used?
  • 12/22 – What’s the feeling of happiness in a near-death expertise referred to as?
  • 1/8 – Of the three phrases I’ve written on the blackboard, inform me… Which one is right?
    • It is incorrect. (2nd choice) 
  • 1/18 – I discussed two Greek sorceresses. One was Medea; who was the opposite?


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