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Persona 4 Golden Endings information: True Ending Necessities & get the Canon Finish

A number of endings are one thing of a Persona collection custom, and Persona 4 Golden has a distinct potential endings – however just one true ending, the good ending. The ending necessities to get the very best canon consequence is sophisticated – however on this web page, we clarify all the P4G endings in-depth, to be sure you do not unintentionally journey into a foul ending.

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On this helpful little information we clarify see all the story content material proper via to the True Ending and Epilogue of Persona 4 Golden, plus element on the key additional dungeons and boss battles – which do differ a little bit in Golden when in comparison with the unique PS2 model of Persona 4. We’ve tried to current the trail to the True Ending in as spoiler-free a manner as doable, however given the character of this information, it should include minor spoilers.

Which ending you see in Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden will largely depend on your investigative and deductive skills - and making the right choices.

Easy methods to get the Regular, Good Ending in Persona 4 Golden

With a purpose to get the very best ending in Persona 4 Golden, you’ll have to regulate your mood. The ending you get will rely on some decisions you make through the story – a single second which may decide if the sport ends early or goes on for a lot of extra hours…

Because the story of P4G progresses, you’ll ultimately end up dealing with a wide selection on December 3 (12/3). When this selection rolls round, you’ll should reply in a particular approach to decide your ending.

To keep away from the unhealthy ending, reply as follows when prompted – there are seven dialogue decisions in a row, so we’re numbering them to go away them as obscure as doable:

  1. Any Selection
  2. Wait a second right here…
  3. We’re lacking one thing.
  4. Their true emotions.
  5. One thing’s been bothering me.
  6. We’re lacking one thing…
  7. Calm the hell down!

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Should you reply otherwise, the sport until time-skip ahead to March 20 and also you’ll expertise the Unhealthy Ending of Persona 4 Golden. Should you reply appropriately, you’ll roll on to December 5 with a brand new goal – and be in your approach to the True Ending. 

On December 5, you’ll have to call who the True Killer is – and this leads in the direction of the total ending. This includes two dialogue decisions:

  • “The one who appears to be the most definitely wrongdoer is…”
  • “Do you have to inform your pals about your suspicions about ______ being the wrongdoer?”

You’ll be able to detour to a foul ending once more right here by naming the flawed particular person or failing to inform your pals your suspicions. Primarily based on the analysis you’ve been doing in-game. However, for the avoidance of doubt: On December fifth, it’s best to conclude that the most definitely particular person is Adachi, and inform your pals about your suspicions

At this level, the story takes over. Ultimately, time fast-forwards to March twentieth. At the moment, you may be given a selection:

“It is best to return to your home to arrange for tomorrow..”

Should you reply this query with “Sure”, agreeing, you come back house and your time in Inaba involves an finish. It is a completely satisfied, good ending, because the killer is caught and defeated and everyone is protected – however you have did not unravel the true thriller. With a purpose to see Persona 4 Golden’s true ending, it’s worthwhile to reply “No” – this in the end results in one ultimate dungeon and units you on the ultimate highway for the True Ending, as described beneath.

Easy methods to get the True Ending Epilogue in Persona 4 Golden

To unlock Persona 4's true ending, you'll need to be a careful detective and think before you speak - or use this guide!

When you’ve seen off the occasions of Persona 4 in full, time will quick ahead to March. That is the place your ultimate determination about an ending lies. You’re assured the conventional, good ending since you solved the thriller, however in order for you the true ending, it’s worthwhile to act in a particular manner throughout this ultimate day of the sport.

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Particularly, you’ll be tasked with speaking to everyone who you’ve bought a most rank social hyperlink with earlier than you permit city. This ought to be most s-link characters in case you adopted our P4G social hyperlink information – however it does not should be everyone to get the True Ending. Every maxed S-Hyperlink merely unlocks a brand new scene at this level.  Right here’s everyone’s places, for the document:

  • Procuring District South: Chie (Chariot), Rise (Lovers), Shu (Tower), Marie (Aeon)
  • Priestess / Yukiko: The Amagi Inn, reached by way of the Bus Cease.
  • The Hospital: Sayoko (Satan) – reached by way of the Bus Cease
  • The Day Care: Eri (Temperanc) – reached by way of the Bus Cease
  • The Shrine, Procuring District North: Fox (Hermit)
  • Procuring District North: Kanji (Emperor), Daisuke or Kou (Energy), Naoki (Hanged Man)
  • Dojima Residence: Nanako (Justice), Dojima (Hierophant) – Exterior Dojima’s home; communicate to papa Dojima and decide the second possibility.
  • Junes Meals Court docket: Yosuke (Magician), Teddie (Star)
  • Riverbank: Hisano (Dying)
  • Moon / Ai: Faculty 1F
  • Fortune / Naoto: Faculty Studying Constructing 1F
  • The Membership Venue, Faculty: Yumo or Ayane (Solar)

When you’ve talked to everybody, at that time the sport will let you know to ‘return to your home and prepare for tomorrow’ – don’t do that!

As an alternative, choose ‘No’, then return to the Junes Meals Court docket. Study the elevator. Refuse to go house once more, deciding on ‘No’, after which choose ‘I’m not completed but’ and ‘Sure’. Lastly, decide ‘There’s one thing lacking’. 

Subsequent, head to the Riverbank to talk to Dojima and Nanako for one more scene. Then head to the Velvet Room to get the Orb of Readability from Igor. On a second play-through on New Recreation+, this scene additionally unlocks a secret boss. 

Head to the Procuring District South and to the gasoline station. Converse to the attendant. Hold speaking till you get the alternatives proper to study one thing concerning the attendant; now you can entry the distinctive dungeon Yomotsu Hirasaka.

Now you can head to the Midnight Channel and beat the Yomotsu Hirasaka dungeon to study the final word reality. When you enter the midnight channel, it’s a degree of no return – so that you would possibly need to guarantee your gear and such is as you need it first.

Defeat the ultimate, ultimate boss to get the true, final ending to Persona 4 Golden. 

Easy methods to get the Golden Ending

There's an extra ending available in P4G if you max out Marie's S-Link.

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You may get the true ending as described above in each vanilla Persona 4 and P4G, however The Golden launch of the sport contains another additional wrinkle – the Golden Ending. That is constructed round P4G’s new character Marie.

With a purpose to get the Golden Ending in P4G, it’s worthwhile to max Marie’s Aeon Social Hyperlink inside a time restrict. That restrict is earlier than you full the Magatsu Inaba dungeon in December. It is strongly recommended to finish the dungeon by December 22 (for Christmas Date causes), so be sure that Aeon is maxed earlier than you end the Magatsu Inaba dungeon.

As long as you will have Marie’s social hyperlink maxed out, simply comply with the steps for the True Ending as above – you may get the identical ending, however with a pleasant little Golden Addendum.

Unlocking the opposite Final Challenges: Hole Forest Dungeon and Margaret’s Secret Boss

As a aspect word, there are two extra final challenges you possibly can unlock in case you so want. They don’t have any bearing on the ending you obtain, however they’re price making a word of:

  • Hole Forest is a novel secret dungeon related to Marie. This was added to the ‘Golden’ model of Persona 4, and is unlocked by maxing out Marie’s Social Hyperlink relationship. It has additional story and is probably the most difficult dungeon within the recreation.
  • Margaret’s Tremendous Boss Battle is barely out there in New Recreation Plus. You’ll must undergo in the direction of the True Ending in your second play-through simply the identical, however then go to the Velvet Room twice in the direction of the top – as soon as to get the Orb of Readability from Igor, and as soon as once more to go to Margaret. She’ll provide you with an merchandise that can clarify problem Persona 4 Golden’s final battle. 

Easy methods to get the Unhealthy Endings

Persona 4 has several bad endings - each of them brutal to watch. Here's how to get all of them.

In addition to the nice endings above the place the Investigation Workforce has various ranges of success in fixing the thriller, there is a vary of unhealthy endings the place issues do not go so properly. This is how every of the unhealthy ends is reached in Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden:

Unhealthy Ending 1: The Value of Revenge

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On December third, select to push Namatame into the TV world by saying “Push the bastard in” after which “Do it already”. He’ll die, with dire penalties for the staff because of your thirst for revenge. 

Unhealthy Ending 2: Investigation Lifeless Finish

On December third, decline to push Namatame into the TV world, but in addition fail to determine who the most definitely wrongdoer is, avoiding the solutions outlined within the Regular Ending directions above. Issues aren’t fairly as dire as within the first ending, however in the end the murders stay unsolved. Minor variations of this ending may be achieved on both December third or December fifth, on the 2 events whenever you’re discussing what to do after sparing Namatame.

Unhealthy Ending 3: The Confederate

For this unhealthy ending, you may need to comply with the directions for the P4G regular ending as described above – however then whenever you’re given a vital selection on December fifth, select to not share your suspicions with your pals and shield Adachi, who you may have recognized because the true killer. Time will fast-forward to March twentieth, as within the different endings, and you will have one ultimate sinister assembly together with your new finest buddy…



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