Persona 5 Royal Will Steal Hearts Once Again in March

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The west won’t be waiting long for the next heist from the Phantom Thieves. Persona 5 Royal will be landing on PlayStation 4 in North America on March 31, 2020.

Atlus has been teasing an announcement set for today for some time, but before the countdown could finish, leaks of the release date started dripping out all over the internet. An Amazon Canada listing let slip the release date, and now PlayStation has confirmed it via Twitter.

The announcement, posted on the PlayStation blog, lists a few different packages for the Royal update. The standard edition will have a limited steelbook edition run, while a Phantom Thieves edition will come with a Joker mask, art book, soundtrack, and a nice box for all the goodies for $90. If you go digital, you can upgrade to the digital Ultimate Edition to get every DLC bundle, as well as six additional costume packs.

Persona 5 Royal is essentially the “Golden” revision of Persona 5. It still contains the base game, but will add a bevy of new content, including new confidants, enemies, challenges, and more. It sadly isn’t coming to Nintendo Switch, but PlayStation 4 owners will get the chance to play through the Phantom Thieves’ daring heists in what’s looking like a pretty stacked March 2020. Persona 5 Royal will be competing with the likes of Doom, Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy, and Half-Life for attention.

No word yet on whether Persona 5 Royal will let us finally date Ryuji, though.

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