PlanetSide Arena Now Available via Early Access

Developer Daybreak Game Company has released PlanetSide Arena via Steam Early Access.

The game is now available through  Steam Early Access for free. Featured above, you can view a new trailer for the Early Access release.

A full release is planned for sometime in Q2 of 2020 across Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Here’s a rundown on the Early Access version:


We launch today with two initial game modes:

    • 300-player match-based game mode
    • 12 players per Squad
    • 150-player match-based game mode
    • 3 players per Squad

PlanetSide Arena is an ambitious project that will ultimately feature a variety of match-based game modes, some capable of supporting up to 1,000 players per match! We’ll be working hard throughout Early Access to bring you new modes like Sunderdome, Outfit Wars, and Massive Clash, which will be released on a regular cadence in the form of weekend events with special rewards, or as primary modes that are always available. Check out our Early Access Roadmap for a look at the new modes and features on the horizon.


Three initial character classes are available at launch: AssaultMedic, and Engineer. Each class fills a tactical role on the battlefield, and comes outfitted with its own unique ability, utility (or tool), and primary weapon option:

    • Escape Jet (F Key): Launches character at accelerated speed
    • Flash Totem (5 Key): Places a totem that blinds nearby enemies when activated
    • Has access to Carbines and Mods that improve speed and mobility
    • Team Heal (F Key): Activates area of effect (AoE) aura that heals you/allies
    • Shield Totem (5 Key): Places a totem that buffs shield regen time of nearby allies
    • Has access to Scout Rifles, can revive teammates faster than other classes
    • Spitfire Turret (F Key): Deploys auto turret that targets enemy players/vehicles
    • Hardlight Barrier (5 Key): Places a barrier to use as cover for you/allies
    • Has access to LMGs and Mods that improve utility

For more on each of the classes, check out our introductory guides on the AssaultMedic, and Engineer.


Ready to choose your class and drop into the Arena?  Don’t forget to gear up for combat! From lethal sniper rifles to high-velocity particle weapons, PlanetSide Arena features a deep and diverse arsenal to choose from – and with the ability to customize your Loadout before diving into a match, you’ll NEVER need to loot for a weapon. For more on each of the weapons and upgrades available in-game, check out our introductory weapons guide.


Along with choosing your class and mastering each weapon, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with each of the vehicles in PlanetSide Arena to fully dominate the battlefield. Every class starts each match with their own personal vehicle, which you can pre-select from the “Customize Soldier” main menu option, then summon in-match by hitting your X key (default). Very useful for scouting ahead for your Squad, or escaping an ambush! Once you dismount from your personal vehicle, there will be a short recharge time before you can summon it again.

The full garage available at Early Access launch include:

  • Personal Vehicles: 
    • Tempest (Hoverbike): Lightweight, maneuverable, excellent strafing
    • Flash (Quad): Heavier feel, gets extra air off jumps and ridges
  • Vanguard MK2 Tank:
    • 3-player Assault Tank
    • Driver plus 2 mounted guns: Main cannon and machine gun
    • Slow but exceptionally durable in combat
  • Harasser
    • 3-player Transit Buggy
    • Driver, passenger, and 1 mounted gun: Halberd Rocket Launcher
    • Fast and mobile, with lighter armor and weaponry than the Vanguard

Additional vehicles will be introduced throughout Early Access – including aircraft, which are slated for Q1 2020 with our Outfit Wars update!


PlanetSide Arena launches as a free-to-play game with two premium bundles available for download on our Steam page.


The PlanetSide Arena: Recruit Edition ($19.99) includes the exclusive Alpha Strike banner and 80 NS-0 Standard Crates – $80 worth of value!

The PlanetSide Arena: Legendary Edition ($49.99) includes the Alpha Strike banner, FOUR exclusive skins (M-20 Tempest Hoverbike, and Alpha Strike Armors for the Medic, Assault, and Engineer) that will ONLY be available during Early Access, and 200 NS-0 Standard Crates – $200 worth of value!

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