PlayStation’s Back Button Attachment Finally Makes More Use of That Bottom Port

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If you’re a PlayStation 4 player who’s been envious of back-paddle functionality, a one-size-fits-all-DualShocks solution is coming at the start of the new year. PlayStation announced the Back Button Attachment today, a small and simple add-on that gives you two new buttons on the back side of your DualShock 4.

It clicks in right at the bottom of the controller, and two buttons on either side can be mapped to 16 different functions, substituting face buttons or R2 and L2 triggers. It also has an OLED display to show which configuration you’re in, and three different profiles that players can swap between while playing. It’ll hit store shelves on January 23, 2020 for $30, and hey, it finally uses that bottom port on the DualShock 4 for more than just charging or headphones.

If you’re curious as to why someone would want back-panel substitutions for buttons that are already on the controller, the idea is to reduce the number of times you have to take your thumbs off the sticks. Say you’re playing Call of Duty, and you need to reload—that’s on the face buttons by default, so you have to move your thumb for at least a moment off the right analog stick to hit it.

Plus, it’s nice having the option. Premium controllers like the Xbox Elite Controller have been adding back paddles for a while, and the DualShock 4 has been getting gradual quality of life boosts throughout its lifetime. This is a pretty interesting addition in that it doesn’t require the purchase of a new controller, just an attachment for the one you already own.

There is a question of whether it will support whatever controller the PlayStation 5 uses when it launches holiday 2020, or if this is just for DualShock 4 controllers. Either way, this is a relatively cheap way to add some new buttons to your controller, and get a neat OLED display in the process.

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