Please Epic Credit: Memedics

Please Epic 😟
Credit: Memedics


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22 Thoughts to “Please Epic Credit: Memedics”

  1. Still got all three since they add it 😏
    Think twice before buying Comestics that you don’t need and probably will never use

  2. You don’t need refund tickets anymore, if u “accidentally” buy something u can refund it right away as long as u don’t leave the screen

  3. Lol don’t buy any your not special they are rereleasing everything seen an emote from 1st season in store yesterday just so the fresh meat can act like their og

  4. Epic should definitely consider giving more options for refunds on skins…I mean, we’re expected to give them a pass on their shitty designs or expected to pay anywhere from 1200-1800 V-Bucks on a skin that was revamped…we all make mistakes

  5. They should just give us 3 refunds every new battle pass if you purchased or got the battlepass 💯💯

  6. Come on man new chapter fresh start

  7. I mean, you would think they would renew our refund. Considering it’s a new chapter. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. We should get 3 but no of item purchased is previous seasons

  9. So everyone wants to rent emotes bogo

  10. Yes we need something like this in chapter 2 please bring them back please

  11. They should of reserved with the start of chapter 2

  12. They Should Give You 3 New Refund Tickets In Every New Season

  13. Mine says 5 out of 5 refunds used but we only got 3 🤷‍♂️

  14. I think in my opinion that we should get our returns back but to be fair make it so we only get three every battle pass we buy

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