Pokemon Go is Finally Getting Online Matchmaking in 2020

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If you’ve been eager to battle other Pokemon Trainers than just the ones on your block, there’s a solution on the way. The Pokemon Go team announced today that online battles between players is coming next year in the form of the GO Battle League.

Of course, this is Pokemon Go, so some walking will still be involved. Moving around outside will gradually earn you entry into the GO Battle League, where you can fight Trainers around the world in an “online matching system” and gradually ascend the ranks of the Poke-Go world.

“We hope this feature will make the Pokemon Go battling experience more competitive and accessible to more trainers,” the Go team writes in an announcement post.

The feature is set to arrive sometime in early 2020, and more info is coming soon in a Dev Insights video. While competitive Pokemon Go has existed prior to now, it was only through local trainer battles. This update will take the competition global, hopefully resulting in some epic battles across regions as trainers vie for true international Pokemon champion status.

Though it feels like ages ago that Pokemon Go mania swept through a bright summer in 2016, the Go faithful have hung on and developed a thriving community around building their collections. Even just this year, Pokemon Go has seen the introduction of Team Rocket, the addition of Gen Five Pokemon, and a suite of new tools for better evaluation and curation of your local PokeStops.

It seems like now’s a good time to be a Pokemon Go player, or even for older players to reopen the PokeDex. If you’re looking to build up your army of battling pocket monsters in time for the new update, head on over to our guides section to read up on everything Pokemon Go.

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