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Pokemon Go’s Upcoming Halloween Event Does Even More to Taunt Poor Mimikyu

Remember Mimikyu, the lonely Pokemon that wears a Pikachu costume to hide its ghastly true form? Thanks to Pokemon Go’s upcoming Halloween event, we’ve come around full-circle to having a Pikachu dressed up as a Mimikyu. This self-cosplaying Pikachu, other costumed Gen 1 starters, and more will be available during Pokemon Go’s Halloween event, running from Thursday, October 17 through Friday, November 1.

The Halloween event is also introducing Yamask, a Gen 5 ghost-type, to Pokemon Go (same goes for its shiny variant). Yamask and the costumed Pikachu can both be encountered in the wild. All throughout the event, encounter rates for Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon will be increased in the wild, through eggs, and in raids.

Isn’t that a little insensitive, Charmander? | The Pokemon Company/Niantic

Speaking of raids, the other costumed Pokemon and a legendary Pokemon from Gen 4 will only be found in raids during the Halloween event. The three classic starters from Gen 1 round out the costumed set: you’ll find Charmander as Cubone, Bulbasaur as Shedninja, and Squirtle as Yamask in raids. All four costumed Pokemon will also have a chance of appearing as shinies. Darkrai will make its Pokemon Go debut in five-star raids.

On top of candy bonuses, research tasks, and a return of last year’s Spiritomb quest, the October 17 update is also introducing some more permanent changes to Go. Over a dozen Pokemon are being added to the selection that you can rescue from Go’s version of Team Rocket. The Style Shop will get some new trainer outfit items, including a Pikachu onesie and a Mimikyu bag.

As for Pikachu and its Mimikyu costume, it just seems a little cruel for Pikachu to co-opt Mimikyu’s identity, doesn’t it? All poor Mimikyu wants is to be as popular as the Pika, and now Pikachu is taking the one thing it has⁠—it’s unique identity. As always, we’re Team Mimikyu.

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