Pokemon is Getting a New Series of Animated Shorts Set in the Galar Region

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Pokemon has plans to kick off 2020 with a series of animated shorts that are separate from the long-running anime. Pokemon: Twilight Wings contains seven five-minute episodes that shows us “the dreams of Galar’s residents, the realities they face, the challenges they must overcome, and the conflicts they must resolve.”

Twilight Wings’ setting in the Galar region means we can expect to see Pokemon from the area, as well as the populace’s devotion to stadium PokeBattles. A press release published recently on the official Pokemon blog outlines what’s coming.

“The world of Pokemon is evolving as Trainers explore Galar, and this new era will be brought to life in the form of an anime series created by one of the leading animation studios in Japan,” states the release. The studio in question is Studio Colorido, which is known for the adorable 2018 anime adaptation of the sci-fi novel Penguin Highway.

The self-contained nature of Pokemon: Twilight Wings suggests it might be another storytelling effort in the vein of 2013’s Pokemon Origins. Origins is a four-part series of half-hour shorts that narrates the story events of Pokemon Red and Blue, albeit separately from the anime. That means No Jessie, James, Ash, Gary, or Pikachu. Just Red, Blue, and a Charmander that nearly gets its cheek bitten clean off by a Squirtle.

The first episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings debuts on the official Pokemon YouTube channel on January 15 2020. Why not study our in-depth chart of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s type strengths/weaknesses while you wait?

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