Pokemon Sword and Shield 24 Hour Live Stream Coming

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As reported by Serebii.net, a new 24-hour live stream featuring Pokemon Sword and Shield will air on Youtube on October 4th. The stream, which takes place within Pokemon Sword and Shield itself, will last for 24 hours of real-time starting at 8 am central time. It will feature the Glimwood Tangle Forest, which is located in the Galar region of the Pokemon world, and showcase the Pokemon that live in the location. Just what kind of Pokemon, and what activities they will take part in during the stream, are currently unknown, but TechRaptor will keep you up to date as more information on the event becomes available. You can view the stream at the official Pokemon Youtube Channel here.

Originally announced on February 27th, 2019,  with a release date of November 15th, 2019 announced later, in a video that also revealed the duo of games starter Pokemon, Pokemon Sword, and Shield is the first entry in the long-running series eighth generation of games. they are also the first main series games to appear on the Nintendo Switch. Reaction to the titles has been mixed, with great concern being shown by fans when it was revealed at E3 2019 that every Pokemon in the series would not be present in-game with the full removal of the National Dex. 

Other new features present in Sword and Shield, aside from new Pokemon, include the ability to set up camp, where you can pet and cook curry for your Pokemon, and new battle mechanics like Dynamaxing, which when used makes your Pokemon gigantic, and four trainer raid battles against giant Pokemon.

Do you plan on picking up Sword and Shield or is the lack of every Pokemon in-game just too much? Let us known in the comments below where you stand on the matter, and tell us what version fo the game you’ll be picking up.

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