Pokemon Sword and Shield tips

Before you dive headfirst into the British-inspired world of Galar to discover all it has to offer, why not prepare yourself with our handy Pokemon Sword and Shield tips? After all this is a brand new Pokemon game that aims to change things up a bit – although not too much for old-school Pokemon fans – so you might need a helping hand or two. So, without further ado, here’s our top Pokemon Sword and Shield tips to take with you on your Gym Challenge journey.

1. Catch everything new you see in the Wild Area

The Wild Area is the shining star of Pokemon Sword and Shield, offering budding trainers a wealth of Pokemon to catch and discover. But the Pokemon that appear in each of the regions of the Wild Area will depend on the weather conditions that are currently happening there. So if you see something you want to add to your Pokedex wandering/fluttering/swimming there, you should catch it while you can. After all the weather might change and mean that it’s not going to appear there again for a little while. 

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