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Pokemon Sword and Shield Version Exclusives Guide

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are almost upon us. As always, each has its own set of exclusive pokemon you can’t get in the other version. However, Sword and Shield also have version-exclusive Gyms, with a handful of the eight Major League Gyms tied to specific versions.

Here we have a list of all the known version exclusive pokemon and Gyms. Though an additional list of 10 pokemon and two gyms were allegedly revealed in a leak earlier this week, we’ve opted not to include those here until The Pokemon Company confirms them. 

With that said, we will update this list as more official information becomes available in the coming days and weeks. 

Sword-Exclusive Pokemon and Shield-Exclusive Pokemon

As of now, there aren’t all that many version exclusives. Despite allegedly providing the entire Galar Pokedex, the Sword and Shield leakers haven’t provided any further information about version exclusives.

Pokemon Sword Pokemon Shield
Farfetch’d  Ponyta
Sirfetch’d Rapidash
  Gothia  Solosis
  Gothorita  Duosion
  Gothitelle Reuniclus
  Deino  Larvitar
Zweilous Pupitar
Hydreigon  Tyranitar
  Turtonator Drampa
  Jangmo-o  Goomy
Hakamo-o Slig
  Kommo-o  Goodra
  Mawile  Sableye
  Rufflet  Vullaby
  Braviary Mandibuzz
Zacian  Zamazenta


We’ll update this list as more information becomes available.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Version Exclusive Gyms

Officially, we know of only two version-exclusive Gyms.

Pokemon Sword
Pokemon Shield

With Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield releasing worldwide in just over a week, we’ll soon know whether more version-exclusive Pokemon will be available in each game and will update accordingly.

Fortunately, regardless of which version you get, you’ll be able to take advantage of the new Dynamax feature, which every Pokemon can use, and so far, it’s looking like there aren’t any version-exclusive Gigantamax Pokemon either.

Don’t forget as well that there is a handful of other exclusives out there, but they’re tied to previous data and early adoption of the game — and, if it shapes up to be what we’re hoping, it won’t take much convincing to get this one early.

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