Power Up With a New Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trailer

A new Dragon Ball Z Kakarot trailer posted to Bandai Namco’s official Youtube has revealed a variety of information regarding the games systems, side, quests, and more. Though the video is entirely in Japanese, DualShockers has provided a summary of the information contained within the trailer, which can be seen in its entirety below.

According to DuelShockers players will be able to level up their character and boost their strength through a variety of means. Among these options are the ability to eat food to gain a temporary stat boost, with the best food and bonuses coming straight from the kitchen of Chichi, Goku’s wife, raising your friendship level with other characters, completing sidequests, and through good old fashioned training, a hallmark of just about every part of the DBZ story.

Training, in particular, comes in the form of what the game calls Image Training. This type of battle involves fighting against an imagined foe, in this case, you can take on enemies you’ve defeated in the past and even a copy of the character you’re currently playing as. As an award for clearing these battles players can unlock powerful new attacks and power up their character.

Aside from training, the player can also collect Z orbs gained by defeating foes or found scattered across the open world to unlock nodes on a skill tree. Within the tree, active and passive powers and abilities can be gained. According to the trailer, there are six kinds of Z orbs, with each unlocking a different kind of node on the skill tree.

Alongside the main story, Goku will also be able to take part in side quests to gain more experience and other resources. In the trailer, these are highlighted via a Community system in which the player can take on quests from various NPCs and collect their Soul Emblems, which can then be traded for permanent stat boosts on the community board. Excitingly collecting these emblems can even be used to bring back major foes after their defeat, with the summery mentioning that big bads Cell and Freiza can both be refought after their deaths by doing related side quests.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot arrives on January 16th, 2020, for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Does this explanation fire up your hype for Dragon Ball Kakarot? Do you have a favorite part of the DBZ story you’re looking forward to playing through? Let us know in the comments below.

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