Project QT is the Next Free-To-Play Android Game from Nutaku

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Adult-oriented video game distributor Nutaku has announced Project QT, their newest free-to-play game for Android. This brand-new game hybridizes puzzle game mechanics with exciting RPG combat, upgradable heroes, and a distinct lack of clothing.

In Project QT, an experiment with a black hole in the Arctic has opened up a rift and unleashed a terrible virus that has decimated mankind. You’ll have to fight to contain the infection with some of the most powerful weapons ever created: sexy monster girls.

Players will recruit their girls and send them into battle in a style of gameplay that mixes puzzle game mechanics and turn-based combat. The bottom half of the screen is a puzzle board where players try to trace a line between differently-colored pieces in order to execute moves on the game board above. Once a move is made, their team of up to four adorable monster girls engage in battle. Make the right moves and you’ll defeat your enemies in glorious battle! Players

Each of the recruitable fighters begins at a 1-star ranking and can be upgraded all the way to 5-star. Subsequent upgrades increase their power and unlock some saucy adult scenes for players to enjoy. In total, the game features more than fifty animated H-scenes.

Of course, bear in mind that this is a free-to-play game which means it’s going to come with some kind of monetization. Expect the need to spend some sort of money on premium goods or currency if you want to advance quicker than the usual pace.

Project QT is the first H-game from a Hong Kong-based developer, so go ahead and consider giving it a look! You can download Project QT at Nutaku right now [NSFW] or grab it via the company’s recently-released Android Store [NSFW].

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What do you think of Project QT? What’s your favorite game that mixes puzzle and battle mechanics? Let us know in the comments below!

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