Project Sakura Wars Demo Launches November 21 in Japan

Sega have announced a Project Sakura Wars demo will be coming to Japan.

During an event at PlayStation Matsuri Sapporo 2019, the demo was confirmed to be launching on November 21st. Players can explore the Great Imperial Theater and speak to characters in a “special scenario” exclusive to the demo. Players can also battle with either Seijuurou Kamiyama, or Azami Mochizuki, and their mechs.

In case you missed it, you can find the character music videos for Huang Yui here, Anastasia Palmea here, Lancelot here, Azami Mochizuki here, Elise here, Hatsuho Shinonome here, and protagonist Sakura Amamiya here.

Project Sakura Wars is launching for PlayStation 4 on December 12th in Japan, and sometime next spring in North America and Europe.

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