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PUBG Mobile tips and tricks


how do you know whether a vehicle is
fresh or already used by an enemy
every vehicle spawned in pubg faces
exactly towards the east direction
let’s prove it it works for the
buggy dossier uaz
and the boat too this doesn’t work on
vehicles spawned in garages
if an enemy is hiding within a smoke
throw a molly towards him
as soon as he starts running to save
himself spot the flame above the ground
now take an easy knock
if an enemy is camping in this triple
story building
you can go to the first floor and jump
outside this window
now climb onto this roof and spot your
enemies and take some easy knocks
if you’re riding on a bike you can come
towards this area
and run it over this small wooden box to
reach above the shack
now surprise your enemies from the back
in the end zones when everyone gets
proned if you have a vehicle
throw a smoke on it now tap on the get
in button to scout the area
around from a top view spot and finish
your enemies easily
while rushing towards an enemy with
vehicles if your teammate is coming on a
different vehicle
go first and stand close to any wall now
ask him to slam the vehicle towards you
you’ll instantly get a boost and will
reach the first floor of the building
this is how it looks from an enemy’s
point of view
here are three tricks based on angle
number one if enemies are camping in the
balcony of this house
throw a molly from this window to knock
number two if enemies are camping on the
terrace of the apartments
stand near these stairs and throw a
perfectly cooked nade exactly as shown
number three if enemies rush towards you
at the school building
stand on this table to make a perfect
angle and knock your enemies
if you’re being chased by a squad it’d
be good practice to throw some nades on
your path
they will most likely follow the same
path along which you’re traveling
since they’ll be unaware of the nade
they may blow up while following you
while driving a vehicle you often can’t
spot the air drops above you
because of the fixed camera angle just
switch to fpp and take a clear look of
everything above
if an enemy is camping above you without
giving any footsteps
go near this sofa and stand over it
to fpp and look towards the top now
rotate your eye button to spot the
enemies above you
once you know their position you can
rush towards them and finish them easily
ever gotten angry over the guy camping
behind this wooden box in a tdm match
it’s very difficult to finish him from
this angle with a nade
as it would land far away from him and
won’t do much damage
just come towards the left side now
position the nade exactly like this
and release it after three seconds
here are five quick tips for those who
are pushing for conqueror
first if you find players with these
titles in the spawn island
it’d be a wise decision to exit the
match you may be a better player

but still avoid taking risks second
try to take zone damage and keep healing
yourself to increase your health points
third whenever you knock someone don’t
let them go
finish them instantly to increase your
damage points
fourth try to extend the match by not
finishing the last enemy
until the final circle this increases
your survival points
fifth you get a relatively easier lobby
during three to seven am
of your respective countries good luck
for your conqueror push
whenever you get an in-game message from
your friend you often open the messages
and start searching for the message
amongst your huge friends list
this is very time consuming one simple
way to directly read the message
is by clicking on this friends
the message opens directly and saves you
most of you have many misconceptions
regarding the new
xt weapons are they more powerful do
they do more damage
the answer is no these guns have
improved stability which helps in recoil
let’s learn the damage dealt by a nade
here are 5 players standing at 2
4 6 8 and 10 meters from the nade
damages dealt to them are as follows
now let’s check the same for a vehicle
here are five players
seated inside the vehicle one three
five and seven meters away from the
as you can see the player seated inside
the vehicle and the ones standing very
close to it
are directly finished the player
standing three meters away from the
vehicle gets knocked
and the other two take damage as follows
here’s a common mistake which most
players do
well turning a buggy they tend to keep
the speed boost button pressed
this results in skidding the correct way
to take a proper turn
is by pressing and holding the
acceleration button
just before taking the turn
here’s a cool trick to stay underwater
without losing any health
prone yourself now ask your teammate to
slowly bring a dossier towards you
in this manner now you can stay
underwater without losing any health
and also look around for enemies using
the i button
this is how it looks from an enemy’s
point of view
it would be a good practice to wear the
same outfits while playing with your
during close range fights it will be
easy to differentiate between your
teammates and your enemies
this also creates confusion in the minds
of your enemies
here’s a fun trick you’ll need a uaz and
a dossier
prone yourself and keep sprinting
towards the front now
ask your teammate to run the dossier
towards the uaz
once you’re above the uaz ask them to
remove both the vehicles
boom you’ll fly in the air
hold on for one more bonus funny trick
you can bring a tuck shy
near the stairs of these houses in
now press and hold the up button your
tuck shy will start flipping
and would continue to do that infinitely
here’s a bonus trick


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