PUBG’s Next Season Will Have Players Flinging Blades and Pans in a Refreshed Miramar

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While Fortnite and Apex players are adjusting their battle royale skills to those games’ first new maps, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is giving its second map a much-requested revamp. PUBG’s fifth season of content is focused on a “refreshed” version of Miramar, and will add a number of new features such as loot vending machines and the ability to throw items and melee weapons.

The full patch notes for PUBG’s 5.1 PC update, which is now live on the test server, give some details on how Mirarmar’s been changed. Most importantly, Miramar has been “spring-cleaned” for improved movement around buildings and item and weapon spawn rates have been adjusted for improved balance. When it originally debuted, a fair number of players went out of their way to avoid playing on Miramar, and the subsequent addition of Sanhok and Vikendi arguably made it hard for Miramar to shake that initial impression.

An increased focus on vehicular combat, evident in a new gameplay trailer, should also help Miramar stand apart in PUBG’s map rotation. Across Miramar there are now more ramps and jumps for vehicles, and one section of the map features a full race track. Each match, a single Gold Mirado will spawn in the garage at Hacienda del Patron, making it an attractive drop zone for car-loving squads.

Miramar is also home to PUBG’s new loot vending machines. Loot vending machines can carry energy drinks and pain killers, and will spawn randomly in select locations across Miramar. The patch notes also warn that when damaged, the machines’ anti-theft measures can give away your location. You can check out the machines on the training mode map, but they’re not coming to Erangel, Sanhok, or Vikendi at the moment.

Starting with Season 5, PUBG will also let you toss items to teammates and throw melee weapons at enemies. If you request something with a radio message, an icon will appear above your head signaling to teammates that they can toss the item your way. If players are within 15 meters of each other and the toss is successful, the item will go straight into the catcher’s inventory so long as it isn’t full.

Melee weapon tosses work similar to throwing grenades, giving you a clear arc indicating the path of your weapon. Pans behave differently from other melee weapons in that they can’t travel as far when thrown, but inflict greater damage. Since melee weapons can also be stacked in player inventories now, expect a streamer to win a match with thrown melee weapons only any day now.

Information on bug fixes, UI tweaks, and adjustments to seasonal progression and content are also available in the patch notes. PUBG Season 5 officially starts on October 23 for PC and October 29 for consoles.

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