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what is up brahs so another season of
Rainbow six has come to an end
so it is time for my list of top ten
favorite tips and tricks that I’ve
learned this past season
now just like all the other seasons do
keep in mind that this is not a list of
top ten technically perfect tips and
tricks but instead just my personal
favorite tricks that I learned
throughout year five season one one more
thing is that my good friend Allen from
the dangle berries is also going to be
doing his list of favorite tricks that
he learned so if you do enjoyed this
video feel free to check out his using
the link below – anyways let’s keep this
list off starting with one of the most
popular parkour spots that we did all
season in that number 10 we have the
craziest spot that you can get into on
theme park and for a little while there
you could actually prone up on top of
the dragon stairs to get to the top of
the stairs even easier but since the
prone on thin ledges was patched you’re
gonna have to do it with the shield
method this spot is also nuts for any
type of custom games that you might be
running such as Michael Myers or even
hide-and-seek so definitely enjoy it
while it’s still alive now with this
type of top 10 video I’m not gonna go
like crazy and depth on how to do each
one I know the brah fam is insane and
has a big brain already but if there are
any questions then make sure to leave
them down below in the comment section
and with that said let’s get right into
number 9
now at number nine we have the
pool-table trickshot EMP for Thatcher to
get rid of any AG s’s or other utility
that’s placed on top yellow of consulate
so many times you’re gonna find somebody
playing here at top yellow and it’s so
annoying trying to push them off but
with this trick you’ll be able to easily
get them out of there or even get an
easy kill when it’s teamed with a
grenade at number eight we have probably
the most simple trick on this list but
also has the potential to get you a ton
of kills now on the crate that you find
in wine cellar there’s actually this
pixel in the box that goes straight to
head level all while to create itself is
get yourself an a deist next to you and
get ready for some free kills next time
you play initially now echos having some
issues right now and is even currently
banned in all pro league matches but I’m
sure he’s gonna be better very soon and
when he’s fixed you can feel free to use
this crazy well-hidden youkai spot
that’s under the bar counter in cafe
this spot goes so unnoticed too because
the bar gets destroyed a lot of times
that defenders can see the different
plant spots on the other side attackers
aren’t gonna necessarily think too much
of this section being destroyed and
they’re gonna be really surprised when
they get slapped with the stun
for number six we have the most
unorthodox way that you can use barbed
wire by placing it on a surface that’s a
head level as an anchor to give yourself
random bunches of tiny angles that you
can hold while an attacker walks into
your line of sight if you use this for
anchoring on site creating frustrating
new spawn peak spots or even just
standing in a random spot as long as it
makes the attacker take that extra split
second to see you you’re gonna be at the
advantage number five is utilizing the
new shrapnel from explosive system that
was introduced and when done correctly
you can theoretically see four people
through solid walls now it’s not
directly through the solid wall itself
but since there is shrapnel now that

flies around from explosions you can be
standing on one side of a solid wall
throw an explosive below even though
it’s far away and get the shrapnel to
fly up and kill the enemy this also does
work with items like grenades so it’ll
work both ways even if you’re stuck
attacking a lot
in at number four is the 1000 I Q way
that you can use air jabs you can
actually get air jabs to register
through bullet holes when the bullet
hole is on the close side of a two-layer
wall to keep the air jab not only hidden
but nearly silent as well now using a
similar concept you can also hide them
under diffusers in the post plant to
surprise the enemy and also just
completely change it around when it’s in
the right circumstance getting into the
top 3 we have a couple unbeatable plant
locations to basically guarantee you a
win even if your team gets wiped on that
round I had a lot of people send me this
spot when the Oregon rework first
happened but my good friend and the
legend trans was the first one to
demonstrate how this is not only an
insane spot for planting but also for
placing gadgets like my shows evil eyes
most likely the wall down here is gonna
be reinforced so it might not be the
most practical place to plant but just
using the spot as the defender is also
now this second spot has been around
forever but when you stand on top of the
cash on the table in cash room I’ve said
cash like 50 times anyways you can run
along the side of the container and then
plant at this crazy high height and then
destroy the table to force defenders to
run around cluelessly trying to defuse
the secret to defusing this one is to
stand as close as you can on the table
next to it and then crouch for the
option to defuse but by the time
defenders figure this out you’re gonna
be taking me round anyways in that
number two and the runner-up to my
favorite trick of the season is this
trio of insane spawn peeks that Niko
taught me for the spawn T special video
that we did now we got two on border and
then of course the insane nearly instant
spawn pecan Clubhouse that made so many
people mad and I know people love to say
because it can’t be countered well
honestly the way you counter it is by
knowing it and choosing a different
spawn if you see somebody going there on
your drone literally just knowing about
this is the counter but people love to
just drive their drone straight into
sight lose it and then walk blindly at
the building and then get mad at
everybody but themselves for getting
killed in two seconds if that’s your
mentality then just try viewing it from
a different light and I guarantee you
you are gonna improve it this game
now in at number one in my favorite
tricks that I’ve learned all season is
the unorthodox ways that you can use
shields you got everything from using
the way that it unfolds to get a gap on
the side and then look up account Anika
used it in one of his pro league matches
to get it’s nasty kill on clubhouse you
could use it vertically to make the odds
of somebody pre firing you even when
they know that you are their nearly
impossible all while you’re holding a
pixels that you can pre fire them as
soon as they walk into your line of
sight you can even use these in a
similar way that we did the barbed wire
trick or a discount mirror shield that
will not only confuse attackers but make
them rage from dying from any one of
these variations because they’ve never
seen it before
anyways broth ham that’s gonna wrap it
up for my list of favorite tricks and
that I learned this last season if you
didn’t see your favorite trick in this
video from the last season and make sure
to let me know down below and until next
time I love you all peace


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