Ranking The Outer Worlds’ Companions, From Parvati to Ugh… Felix

One of the defining traits of The Outer Worlds is its personality. Nowhere can you find a better example of this than the six companions who can join you on your adventures around the galaxy: they’re a charming, funny, and sometimes downright insane bunch, and we love them all.

But not equally. The pack of companions in The Outer Worlds are our children, and we’re not ashamed to say we’ve got our favorites. Read on for our rankings of the best (it’s Parvati, OK), and the worst of our spacefaring compatriots.

Parvati is the best. | Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division

The Best: Parvati

Was there really any other choice here? There’s a reason Parvati is introduced as the first companion in The Outer Worlds. She’s easily likeable with a can-do demeanour, and the fact that you find Parvati butting heads with the arrogant leader of Edgewater only makes her more likeable.

Parvati is excellent because she’s not afraid to challenge your choices. When you go to make the decision to divert power to either Edgewater or the Botanical Labs, Parvati will let you know that a whole lot of folks will suffer if you take power away from Edgewater.

Parvati isn’t just a charming personality with a relentlessly positive attitude. She’s arguably one of the most well-rounded and balanced characters in The Outer Worlds: for every joke and whimsical comment, there’s a moment of deep reflection and philosophical judgment. Parvati got me hooked on The Outer Worlds, and she’s been with me on every single venture since I met her in the early goings.

Ol’ Reliable: SAM

SAM. What a treat. This at-times-oblivious robotic companion was set up by the former captain of The Unreliable to clean the ship, but you can kit him out with weapons of mass destruction to charge around a battlefield with.

Nowhere is Obsidian’s history with Fallout more evident than with SAM’s sense of humor. The robot is of course completely oblivious to the pain and destruction that he inflicts on Marauders and other bandits. He reminds me a lot of the automatons you find in Fallout’s Vaults, complete with mechanical buzzsaws ready to tear you apart once they’re done serving you drinks.

Ellie is always down to fight. | Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division

Slightly Less Than Reliable: Ellie

The wild one! Ellie is your archetypal adventurer companion in The Outer Worlds, complete with a ton of emotional baggage and backstory, and a strong will to stand up to and fight anyone that gets in her way.

And why shouldn’t she want to fight everyone? People can be real dicks in The Outer Worlds, especially those that are riding high above you in society, as the overarching anti-corporation theme of the game conveys. Ellie knows that you’ve got to fight tooth and nail for anything and everything in the outer reaches of the solar system, and she acts accordingly.

Problem Child: Nyoka

You find Nyoka mid-bender in a backwater bar, and that sets the tone for the rest of your time with her. Nyoka sort of captures the spirit of the average millenial: near-crippling existential dread, a side of depression, and a slight alcohol dependency issue.

The highlight of Nyoka is honestly her companion ability. She downs the booze in her hip flask, and lets rip with an entire round from her custom LMG. Truly a beautiful blazing fireball to behold.

Felix is… the worst. | Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division

The Bad: Felix

Felix sucks. He’s the typical smaller guy who’s trying to punch way above his weight, but no matter how many times you put him on his ass, he’ll rise right back up with a witty one-liner ready for another bout. He’s basically Scrappy Doo.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve voluntarily taken Felix out into the field. For now, he’ll be staying right in his cabin on The Unreliable until I have a perfect opportunity to get him accidentally sucked through an airlock and into the endless void of space. Hopefully.

The Worst: Vicar Max

I should have left Vicar Max in Edgewater where I found him. You meet this miserable sack of skin when he confesses that he sort of, kind of, maybe hates his entire congregation. Nice one, Vicar.

You recruit Vicar Max by undertaking a pretty plain fetch quest, which is about equal to the depth of the character himself. I’d absolutely clear out Vicar Max’s space aboard The Unreliable for nearly anyone else in The Outer Worlds. Give me the hopelessly bored corporate manager Celia Robbins as a companion instead. Or anyone, really, and I’ll replace them with Max in a heartbeat.

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