37 thoughts on “Ray Tracing is now supported in Fortnite when you have an RTX card!”
  1. How about instead of fucking up our aim assist and giving pc a better advantage you fix your game. Only game I play and there’s so many bugs lol Ima still play though😂

  2. So you release a feature for a game where 90% of the community play on low to medium settings to get over 200+ FPS, just to see a clear reflection on glass and more accurate lighting. Which btw knocks the FPS down to 60-70 even on a 2080S. So…idk if anyone else sees the problem here.

  3. I scared myself last night, running with low health then seen someone running ahead of me so I got nervous started shooting then realized was the mirror on building. I was like oh come on 😂😂

  4. Imagine This, you spend $1600 on a new graphics card and you think to yourself this is so nice I can’t wait to see myself in a reflection of glass…….

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