Red Dead Redemption 2 PC mods are already available

Ahead of the Red Dead Redemption 2 PC release time today, it looks like some players are (somehow) already getting the Red Dead Redemption 2 mods scene up and running. There’s a Nexus Mods page live for the game – and a few mods already available that will add something extra to your game when it launches.

First up, there’s a RDR2 mod that turns cowboy hero, and game protagonist, Arthur Morgan into Batman’s long-time nemesis – the Joker. Adding some white and red clown makeup to Morgan’s face with a re-texture, the mod by creators RedDeadModders even recreates Gotham City’s most villainous clown’s haunting, angular smile.

Even with the extensive character customisation options offered in the game through Morgan’s wardrobe and facial hair, it’s sure to add something very new to his style.

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