Redbox Has Discontinued Video Game Rentals

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Redbox has announced (via The Verge) they’re exiting the video game rental business.

The rental kiosk company has confirmed they’re no longer renting video games, and they’re going to end the sale of video games this year. Redbox said they’re “permanently transitioning out of the games business” to focus exclusively on movies.

While the rental distributor will no longer rent video games, whatever inventory remaining in their rental kiosks for game sales will be available “through the end of the year,” presumably until they run out.

The 2002-founded company has grown over the years while physical media was still largely the way to watch movies or play video games. Their popularity naturally came from the ease of renting movies or games from your local grocery store (or what have you), for a rental fee – and not purchasing the movie or game wholly.

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