Resident Evil 3 Remake Revealed Via Leaked Cover Art

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If Capcom isn’t planning on confirming the existence of a Resident Evil 3 remake soon, the company may want to reevaluate its plans. Cover art for both Resident Evil 3 and the asymmetrical multiplayer spin-off Resident Evil Resistance (seemingly retitled from Project Resistance) appears to have leaked for both games via the PlayStation Network.

As spotted by users at ResetEra, the new PlayStation Network additions page at pulled new cover art for the Japanese and American/European versions of both Resident Evil titles. Late last month, multiple outlets including our sister site Eurogamer reported that a Resident Evil 3 remake was in active development and on track for a 2020 launch. In May, it looked like Capcom was teasing another remake with some tweets that hinted at Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis—appropriately enough, Nemesis is shown looming over Jill and Carlos in the new artwork.

Wonder what a dentist would think of the chompers on Nemesis. | Images via

Meanwhile, the leaked art for Project Resistance not only indicates the game will be released as Resident Evil Resistance, but features two brand new survivors. First unveiled at Tokyo Game Show 2019, Resistance pits groups of four survivors against hordes of the undead while another player takes on the role of the Mastermind, a player that can set traps, place enemies, and even take direct control of zombies and Mr. X. Capcom ran a brief beta for Project Resistance in October.

We reached out to Capcom to see if they could comment on the leaked art, but have not heard back by time of publication.

This year’s remake of Resident Evil 2 sold quite well for Capcom, and within days of its release we were thinking about how a Resident Evil 3 remake could also work and even be better in some ways. Resistance is planned for release on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4—time will tell if the Resident Evil 3 remake will also be one of this console generation’s last hurrahs.

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