Respawn is Fixing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s Missing Bounty Hunter Problem

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You might have, like me, played through all of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and been satisfied with mthe combat encounters and enemy variety. But then you might have noticed that other people are fighting way more bounty hunters than you.

Bounty hunters are Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s late-game bosses, adding even more difficulty than the legendary beasts like Oggdo Bogdo. But for some players, the bounty hunters never spawn. A post on Electronic Arts’ forums for Fallen Order details how, halfway through the game, bounty hunters have inexplicably stopped appearing. This not only stopped the player from fighting some kick-ass bounty hunters, but from getting the Platinum trophy.

Thankfully, a Respawn team member has responded, saying that while the latest patch has already gone out the door, they’re submitting a fix for the next one. So while one bounty hunter fight is mandatory for game progression, it shouldn’t be too long before those suffering the bug start seeing pesky bounty hunters pop up again.

Fallen Order has, optimization for the base consoles aside, been a surprising return to single-player form for the Star Wars franchise. Its mix of Soulsborne combat and Metroid Prime-style exploration makes for a unique and fun blend. I imagine it gets even better when I’ve got a few more endgame bosses to tussle with, too.

If you’re looking for tasks to check off the list in the meantime, head over to our guides section to check out all the collectibles you can get. Cal can’t save the universe in last season’s poncho.

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[quads id=10]

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