Retro-Inspired FPS Chains of Fury Announced for PC and Switch

Cobble Games and Gaming Factory S.A. have announced Chains of Fury, a retro-style FPS coming to Windows PC (via Steam) and Switch sometime in late 2020.

The game uses a comic-inspired aesthetic and draws heavily from ’90s shooters. One of Chains of Fury‘s main gimmicks is that about 80% of the game’s world is destructible, allowing you to shoot apart walls or even collapse ceilings on enemies. You can check out the announcement trailer above.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

The king is dead. Long live the revolution. They hired you to do the dirty work. Now you’re not needed so they can get rid of you… or so they think.
In the Chains of Fury you are a brutal (and a bit crazy) mercenary from out of this world, with a lot of guns and who loves to break stuff, shoot stuff and get paid for it. Those who put you in prison owe you some money. Time to get it back… and did we mention to break some stuff as well?

What really made us angry in the old school level design from the 90s was that poor concept of locked doors with a key placed somewhere in the maze of rooms. In our game there is no such problem as practically any wall can be destroyed. Of course not everything will be available for destruction ( We don’t want you to fall off the level) but it won’t be a lie to say that you will be able to destroy 80% of all walls on a level.

Having this cool mechanic that allows you to break almost everything gives as a chance to put in tons of secrets: hidden rooms, alternate ways of finishing levels, etc. We love Easter Eggs so get ready to find lots of them. We won’t tell you how many are there. Can you find them all?

The game is gonna be a bloodbath. Why? It’s fun to blow things up and watch things burn. It’s also fun to punch and shoot enemies in their face. You can’t do that in real life but after all… what are games for?

  • Experience the bloody retro vibe from the 90s but looks and plays like a modern shooter.
  • Bash, jump, demolish and cause mayhem in 6 different worlds full of levels in a destructible environment.
  • Awesome game world that looks and feels just like a comic book.
  • Destructible walls allow you to finish the level in many different ways.
  • Lot’s of crazy weapons at your disposal: shotgun, machine gun, grappling hook and shrinker, just to name the few
  • Split screen multiplayer

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