Ring Fit Adventure’s Successful Debut Shows Everybody Likes Fitness Games and Hot Dragons

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Once again, Nintendo’s using its games to trick people into getting fit again, and once again, people are buying into it. Its new exercise game, Ring Fit Adventure, enjoyed a strong start in Japan and the U.K. How dare Nintendo encourage people get off the couch!

The latest game sales charts from Famitsu indicate Ring Fit Adventure debuted at #1 in Japan with 68,497 copies sold between October 14 and October 20. (Translation via Japanese Nintendo.) The Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town remake sits on the #2 spot with 66,193 copies sold, and Dragon Quest 11 S is at #3 with 15,744 copies. In fact, the only non-Switch game on the Japanese Top 10 is Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for the PlayStation 4.

In the U.K., Ring Fit Adventure took the #3 spot for the week ending October 19. FIFA 20 held its #1 spot, and the nigh-unstoppable Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sits high up at the #2 spot.

Ring Fit Adventure is a natural fit for people who enjoyed Wii Fit back in the heyday of the Wii. Ring Fit isn’t packed with a balance board, however. Instead, you’re equipped with a plastic ring that houses the Joy-Con and registers your motions. Your real-world gyrations are translated to RPG-style actions that help you deal with a buff, gains-obsessed dragon. It’s pretty good! Mat calls it “Wii Fit with a story mode,” and says it’s engineered to keep people exercising for the long haul. That’s good to hear, since boredom is probably the #1 reason people fall off exercise routines. Unless you’re one of those people who gets a high out of being sweaty and out of breath. I’m not. I’m exactly the kind of person who needs a dragon to threaten her into exercising.

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