Riot Games Announces New Character-Based, Tactical Shooter “Project A” for PC

Riot Games has announced “Project A,” a new first-person shooter featuring character-based, tactical combat.

The new game is coming to Windows PC, however a release window wasn’t confirmed. Featured above, you can view the reveal trailer for the game.

Riot describes the game as a tactical, precise, and competitive first-person shooter set in a near-future Earth. Players will be able to select from a varied cast of characters, each with their own unique abilities and capabilities.

“This is our take on a competitive shooter. Just like League, we’re in this for years and years to come,” executive producer Anna Donlon said in the above video. “With Project A, we’re staying true to the high consequence gameplay of tac-shooters.”

She added, “But we want to evolve the space. We want a tac-shooter with more creativity, more expression, and a lot more style. In Project A, your abilities create amazing tactical opportunities for your gunplay to shine.”

Riot will show off more of the game next year.

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