Riot Makes Teamfight Tactics a Permanent League Of Legends Mode

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Today in a developer news update about the state of game modes in League of Legends, Riot Games officially confirmed Teamfight Tactics will be the games newest permanent game mode. Coming as a surprise to absolutely no one, considering the obviously large amount of time and money put into the Teamfight Tactics game mode, and it’s instant popularity the announcement simply makes things official.


Riot Games stated that one of its main goals with Teamfight Tactics was, “to make a mode you could play for a long time, which meant it was really important to create variant experiences and high moments.” So making the game mode a permanent one makes perfect sense. Riot says that they’ve seen Teamfight Tactics be played for a variety of reasons from people wanting to unwind between ranked games, using it as a way to play with friends with much different skill levels, and by people wanting to play only Teamfight Tactics and climb the ranked ladder.

The popularity that the mode has seen from its player base has made this a very easy decision for Riot. The constant balancing updates and additions to the mode have been a contributing factor in keeping it fresh and keeping players engaged. Riot most recently announced the 4 champions are going to be added to the game that will all be part of the new Hextech archetype. Jayce, Jinx, Camille, and Vi will be put onto the Teamfight Tactics PBE sometime on July 31 and are tentatively scheduled to go live on August 14.

teamfight tactics board 2

Riot has been trying to come up with new game modes that it can add to the permanent roster for a while now. The most recent example was Nexus Blitz, which unfortunately wasn’t up to snuff in Riot’s eyes and was therefore nixed. Riot did state in the post that they will continue to try to create more new modes with “completely unique gameplay”, so expect more experiments like Nexus Blitz to be on the way.

What type of game mode would you want to see most be added to League of Legends? Which champions do you think should be next to be added to Teamfight Tactics? 

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