Riot Making League of Legends Animated Series and Documentary

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A pair of League of Legends non-game media has been revealed by Riot, with an animated series and documentary both in the works.

To start with, the animated series is called Arcane, and that it “follows the origins of two iconic League champions—and the power that will tear them apart.” While Riot doesn’t say exactly which champions that is, it appears to be Jinx and Vi. In-universe, Jinx is a slightly insane criminal, that enjoys blowing things up and causing general havoc. She was also the star of a music video about how she only wants to have fun shooting and killing things, such as robots. The other character is Vi, a hotheaded and impulsive woman who works with the Wardens to keep law and order in the town of Zaun. While it’s never been stated explicitly in-game, its always been implied that Jinx and Vi are sisters, and it looks like this show is going to confirm that theory. The show will be starting in 2020, but there’s no current word yet on where exactly you can go to see it.

However, this wasn’t the only new non-game development that Riot announced. Additionally they announced League of Legends Origins, a feature-length documentary that chronicles the history of League of Legends. It was directed by Leslie Iwerks, the same director of documentaries on companies like Pixar, Disney, Industrial Lights & Magic, and more. It captures everything from the game’s original launch to the 2017 World Championship. Oh, and you don’t need to wait long to see League of Legends Origins. In fact, you don’t need to wait at all. The documentary is available right now on Netflix.

Are you going to watch either of these offerings? Would you rather just play more League of Legends? Do you hope that Arcane will find a way to use that super weirdly catchy k-pop song Riot put out? Let us know in the comments below!

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