Rivers of London Roleplaying Game Announced by Chaosium

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Chaosium and author Ben Aaronovitch have teamed up to produce a Rivers of London roleplaying game.

Chaosium has aquired the rights to publish the Rivers of London roleplaying game thanks to Mr. Aaronvitch’s agent John Berlyne of the Zeno Agency, Ltd. who had negotiated the deal between the two parties. Now that the proper papers have been signed, this fantastical world is coming to the tabletop.

If you’re not familiar with Rivers of London, it seems like a pretty neat book series. Ordinary constable Peter Grant has become a magician’s apprentice while trying to understand and solve mysterious crimes with a dash of fantasy thrown in. After meeting a ghost, he’s thrown into a tiny division of the Metropolitan Police whose sole focus is handling crimes dealing with the supernatural; it kind of seems like a British X-Files, but funnier.

The franchise includes seven novels, two novellas, and several graphic novels. Now, Rivers of London (also called Midnight Riot in the United States) is being made into a roleplaying game.

When can you get the Rivers of London Roleplaying Game?

While fans of this franchise are probably happy to hear that a Rivers of London roleplaying game is in the works, that’s roughly where the good news ends — there’s going to be a bit of a wait before you can play it.

The blog post announcing the partnership states that Chaosium is currently in the process of putting together the creative team who will create the core rulebook. This work is going to be checked over by the author Ben Aaronovitch to ensure that it does his franchise justice.

No release date, price, or any other details have been announced. In the meantime, you can see what else Chaosium has up for sale at their official website.

What do you think of the Rivers of London roleplaying game? Do you think this novel series will make for a good adaptation? Let us know in the comments below!

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