Sacred Sword Princesses RPG Reveals New Cumbie Character

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The adult game Sacred Sword Princesses is getting a new character that players can acquire for free. The new vessel Cumbie is available in collaboration with illustrator Naidong. Naidong originally created them in late 2018 and a following has since grown around them according to a press release from Nutaku. Game developer, HOPE, spoke about the collaboration below,

“The collaboration between Naidong and Cumbie is the ideal match for Sacred Sword Princesses. What makes her special is her strong character and the advanced action modules, improving her in-game abilities. I look forward to getting more interesting characters for adult gamers.”

Illustrator Naidong spoke briefly about how they came to creating Cumbie,

“I’ve designed a number of characters for non-adult games. However, some of the best essences can only be incorporated into 18+ games. Cumbie is a very sly character. I wasn’t expecting so much hype around it; I just created what I wanted. Now I am glad that fans love it.”

This announcement comes after HOPE worked with a porn star to implement them into Booty Calls [NSFW]. The developer also released their new game Sacred Sword Sweeties [NSFW] onto Nutaku recently.

Sacred Sword Princesses Summary

Here’s a description for those interested in learning more about Sacred Sword Princesses, “In the kingdom of Midgardia, inhabited solely by women, gamers are summoned to protect the virgin land. With the help of rare powers, players can entice and recruit a team of Vessels, and level them up to defeat the legion run by the evil Beast. By taking advantage of the fast-paced battled system, players can either choose to fight manually or turn on auto mode and jump on to the lovemaking scenes!”

Sacred Sword Princesses is available on PC [NSFW] and Android [NSFW].

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