Sacred Sword Sweeties is Now Available on Nutaku

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Nutaku has announced the latest new game on their platform, Sacred Sword Sweeties. According to the press release, it’s a card battle RPG where your goal is to save the world from the evil Sins. Players will put together a team of powerful Vessels to fight back the Sins and uncover dating plots along the way.

Sacred Sword Sweeties is another free-to-play adult game on Nutaku’s platform. It’s to be expected there will be some form of microtransactions focused around its content. The above screenshot shows a couple of currencies alongside an energy bar, similar to other Nutaku games.

Sacred Sword Sweeties Summary

“The Sins have broken out the seal, invading the world with endless corruptions and turmoil. The only one who can fight against the darkness is YOU, the divine bloodline. Now, the Herald of Goddess is about to awaken your hidden power! Infuse the Vessels with the power of sacred spirit and summon Souls to save the world! It’s time for the rightful lord to rise. Get ready with your partners and repel the evil enemies!”

Some of the features players can expect include three vessel characters, turn-based battles, 50+ sex scenes, and over 200,000 words of story. As they say, we’re all watching for the plot.

Sacred Sword Sweeties is available for free on PC [NSFW] and Android [NSFW] for those that want a more private experience. It’s in development by Sacred Sword Princesses [NSFW] developer, HOPE.

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If you try Sacred Sword Sweeties be sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments below! If you’re not interested in it, also let us know! It’s good to help others find those hidden gems even in the adult genre.

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