Salaam Spotlights Refugee Crisis in Game Form

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Taking the stage in the Preshow of The Game Awards this year was Lual Mayan, a young game designer and former refugee from South Sudan.

Mayan talked about the importance of video games in his life, before showing off a short trailer of his own creation, an indie game titled Salaam. Named after the Arabic word for ‘Peace’, Salaam is a game based on Mayan’s personal experiences, specifically life growing up in a refugee camp in Uganda before emigrating the U.S in 2007. Mayan’s game hopes to not only raise awareness on ongoing refugee crisis all over the world, but hopes to give back to them in a real way.

Players will go through Salaam, collecting food and medicine while avoiding conflict and dangers all around them. Each game also ends with the ability to donate money to provide medicine for real-life refugees.

Salaam has no official release date, but it is planned to be released on both facebook and mobile devices soon.

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[quads id=10]

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