Samsung Galaxy Buds vs. 1More Stylish True Wireless Earbuds: Which should you buy?

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The Samsung Galaxy Buds have a lot going for them. They’re super comfortable, have superb sound, and feature the latest charging standards such as USB-C and Qi wireless charging. The biggest downside is battery life, which totals 13 hours between the buds and the included charging case.

$111 at Amazon


  • USB-C for wired charging
  • Qi wireless charging
  • Balanced sound
  • Great comfort
  • Ambient sound mode


  • Poor battery life
  • Pricier

The 1More Stylish True Wireless earbuds feature exceptional sound with a boost in the low end, long battery life with up to 24 hours on a single charge, and comfort that will allow you to listen for a long time. The only real annoyance is that they charge over Micro-USB instead of USB-C.

$80 at Amazon


  • Long battery life
  • Great comfort
  • Excellent bass boosted sound
  • More affordable


  • Micro-USB for charging
  • No wireless charging case
  • No ambient sound mode

When comparing the Samsung Galaxy Buds to the 1More Stylish True Wireless buds, you have to consider what’s more valuable to you. The Galaxy Buds features better convenience and a more balanced sound but suffers when it comes to battery life. On the other hand, the Stylish features longer battery life and a bass boosted sound but with less convenience thanks to the use of Micro-USB for charging and the lack of wireless charging.

There aren’t many differences, but they are substantial

Source: Android Central

True wireless earbuds are built to be convenient. Some are more convenient than others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better. Both the Samsung Galaxy Buds and 1More Stylish True Wireless are conveninent, but in their own unique ways.

Both the Galaxy Buds and 1More Stylish are capable of being independent of one another. This means you don’t have to decide whether you want to use the left or right earbud when using them in mono mode. The Samsung Galaxy Buds, however, are some of the most convenient true wireless earbuds out there thanks to how you can charge them. You get the latest charging tech with the Galaxy Buds, featuring USB-C for fast, wired charging and Qi for wireless charging. This is in stark comparison to the 1More Stylish buds, which can sometimes be a pain to charge. They lack wireless charging and charge over the aging, non-reversible Micro-USB connector. It’s not the biggest dealbreaker, but with a lot of companies moving to USB-C, it’s less convenient.

The most disappointing thing when it comes to the Galaxy Buds is their battery life. The buds themselves are capable of six hours of audio playback on a single charge and the included charging case is only capable of giving them an additional seven hours of juice. This gives you a grand total of 13 hours of audio playback between the buds and case.

This is disappointing when comparing them to the 1Mores, which get 10 hours of audio playback from the buds and an additional 20 hours from the charging case, totaling up to 30 hours of audio playback.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 1More Stylish True Wireless
Charging connector USB-C Micro-USB
Wireless charging Yes No
Battery life (buds) 6 hours 10 hours
Batter life (case) 7 hours 20 hours
Ambient sound mode Yes No

Source: 1More

Something the Galaxy Buds feature that the 1More Stylish lacks completely is an ambient sound mode. This is despite not having active noise cancelation (ANC). Typically, ambient sound modes are present when the earbuds or headphones feature ANC since it makes it difficult to hear what’s going on around you. It allows you to hear the environment without removing your earbuds or headphones. However, the Galaxy Buds’ ambient sound mode is pretty decent, sounding natural for the most part with a few pinches of digitalization, which makes it obvious the sound is being processed by the earbuds’ microphone.

The Galaxy Buds have the most overall features and will be the best choice for most people.

Arguably, the most important factor when researching earbuds or headphones is sound quality and this is where things get messy. The Galaxy Buds sound more balanced but lack in soundstage and dynamic range. However, the 1More Stylish have a wider soundstage and superior dynamic range but are less balanced. The Stylish are more bass heavy but not overly bassy where the bass drowns out the midrange and treble. Bass lovers will want to choose the Stylish over the Galaxy Buds but those who want a more balanced sound should opt for the Galaxy Buds.

Fortunately, both earbuds nail when it comes to comfort. You won’t experience discomfort with either earbuds, making either set perfect for long listening sessions. Both also come with multiple ear tip sizes in the box, which will help with getting the right fit. They both also use the standard ear tip mechanism, which means even if you don’t find the right size, you can always buy a third-party set.

Ultimately, the decision boils down to what compromises you’re willing to make. The Galaxy Buds are for those who prefer a more balanced sound but are okay with less battery life while the 1More Stylish feature a slightly more bass heavy sound but lasts over two times longer than the Galaxy Buds. However, the Galaxy Buds have the most overall features and will be the best choice for most people.


Samsung Galaxy Buds

Balanced sound

The Galaxy Buds feature awesome comfort and sound. They also feature USB-C and Qi wireless charging. However, the battery life could definitely be better.

Lasts forever

1More Stylish True Wireless

Bass heavy

The 1More Stylish feature better dynamic range and a wider soundstage at the expense of a more bass heavy sound and superb battery life. It’s only real downside is that it charges over Micro-USB and lacks wireless charging.

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