Samsung’s $100 Galaxy Buds are an easy recommendation for Cyber Monday

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The Galaxy Buds are one of my favorite pairs of true wireless earbuds. They deliver decent sound quality over Bluetooth 5.0 and last for six hours on a full charge, but what I like most about them is the fit. The design isn’t as large as other options in this category, and the Galaxy Buds manage to nestle into the ear canal to form a tight seal, providing great noise isolation.

For Cyber Monday, the Galaxy Buds are down to just $100, $30 off their retail price of $130. That makes them an easy recommendation if you’re looking to pick up a pair of true wireless earbuds.

Samsung nailed the design of the Galaxy Buds: the true wireless earbuds come with multiple eartip sizes that ensure you find the right fit, and you also get wingtips that affix to the outer edge of your ear. The wingtips ensure the earbuds don’t fall out even during strenuous workouts, and the low-profile design doesn’t make them stick out.

The lightweight design is great for all-day use, and with a six-hour battery life, the Galaxy Buds have more than adequate battery life. The bundled case charges wirelessly and provides enough juice to charge the earbuds twice over. If you have a Galaxy S10+ or the Note 10+, you can charge the earbuds wirelessly by putting them on the back of the phone. As the Galaxy Buds connect over Bluetooth 5.0, you’ll get rock-solid connectivity with no cutouts when you’re on the go.

The sound quality is also pretty decent considering the size of these earbuds, and you get controls on either eartip for adjusting volume and music playback. You can also set up your own controls via the Galaxy Wearable app, and you also get the option to invoke Google Assistant.

Overall, the Galaxy Buds are a solid pair of true wireless earbuds, and the fact that they’re on sale for $100 makes them an even more enticing option.

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