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It’s Saturday, and that means it’s time for another Screenshot Survey. Every week, we take a look at a few cool new games in the works by game developers tweeting with #ScreenshotSaturday. For even more games you might be interested in, check out this hashtag on Twitter.

It’s the last Screenshot Survey before the new year, so why not take a look at how far we’ve come? Although Screenshot Survey isn’t a new feature, it made a comeback in 2019. Thanks to all the developers tweeting out their upcoming projects, and thanks to the readers for supporting them. This week, we have a dog, a strawberry man, a swole avocado man, and a bird in the midst of battle.

The Nextali Expedition

Guys, you can’t pet the dog, but I think this is the next best thing: playing fetch. Heck, I’d argue this is better, since you can watch this playful pup joyfully chase after your ball for as long as you’d like. The developer knows the formula for a successful game, and it’s the ability to bond with man’s best friend. I just hope that the dog doesn’t die, since that’s the first thing I think when I see an animal companion in any game.

The Nextali Expedition is an upcoming Metroidvania platformer by lone developer @ShiningCrusader. What I love about this game is not only the dog, but the old-school graphics with that grey color palette. Other than that, it looks like our character will be able to explore all manner of environments, including a forest, a factory-like setting, and more.

The Life of Mr. Pips

It’s a strawberry man rafting down a river. I don’t know what else I need to say about this.

Look, there really isn’t much more I can say about the Tweet above, but I do adore its aesthetic and the fact that your character is literally a living, breathing strawberry man. Unfortunately, The Life of Mr. Pips doesn’t seem to be too far along in development. A husband and wife co-develop this title, going by the name Snuti. They chronicle their game development journey on YouTube and also stream development on Twitch, which is a really cool idea I’d like to see more of. I can’t wait to see more of Mr. Pips’ world come to life.

Axe Cop

I’m familiar with Axe Cop, but I’ve never read the comic. For those who are unaware, Axe Cop is a comic series created by an adult man and his much younger brother, who was age five at the time of creation. Axe Cop takes the imagination of a five-year-old and brings it to life in comic form. Now, there’s an Axe Cop game coming out that styles itself as an old-school RPG. As you can see, developer Red Triangle Games pulls that retro look off, and there’s even this buff avocado that’ll help you in combat.

Axe Cop is coming out some time in 2020, but you’ll be able to check it out yourself if you can make it to the upcoming PAX South. The game itself is said to chronicle all the adventures of Axe Cop, which sounds like a significant undertaking.

The Falconeer

To usher in the new year is The Falconeer developer Tomas Sala celebrating the upcoming release of this wild looking game. That’s what initially caught my eye; everything on screen looks hectic and full of action. Why are the ships shooting at each other? What’s this falcon doing in the middle of the action? The graphics here are also superb with the dark, cloudy sky contrasting the bright projectiles of the ships.

The Falconeer is, as the game’s Steam page describes it, “an airborne ocean-world fantasy RPG.” It appears to be a game about exploration, but the world looks to be in conflict as ships fire upon one another with you caught in the middle. There’s a mystery here that I want to solve, and it looks like The Falconeer is one of those games you shouldn’t overlook in 2020.

Which Screenshot Survey game is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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